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How to start actually living?

21 m with no high school diploma, bad back which will need surgery. Dead end job with no future. Not sure where to turn.

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  1. I’d say start with the basics and work on your high school diploma.

    Depending on where you’re from, there are programs for adults. These also cater to people with special needs, in case your back is bad enough that it would cause you issues to attend normal classes.

  2. Just read this and the replies, one thing I’ve noticed is excuses, one thing I’ve learned about excuses is they don’t put food on the table. I would start by getting a positive mind set, go to the Gym it might help your back, it will definitely help your mind.
    It all starts with your head mate, your reality is what you think so change that and you will be well on your way.

  3. One thing that is very often overlooked is getting into a trade. See if theres a union near you, if you can at least do some physical labor with your back. Some trades are a little more demanding but most have great benefits and after a few years very good pay.

  4. Do something. Anything. You already know what it is. Just start.

    Its important you do something. Not what you do or how hard it is, or how big or small of an action it is, or if it will work. Whats important is you do something.

  5. Start doing what you used to enjoying and pursue it as your hobbies. Big picture things will come to you once you start enjoying life again.

    Don’t forget you’re still young!

  6. Get your GED. You won’t regret it and it will give you a little more confidence. Search for a career you think you’d like to do and then set small goals to help you get there. Get out and walk to get your blood circulating. I find if I walk or run it helps me to think clearer and makes my mood and outlook better. Good luck to you, friend. You’re still young and can do it!

  7. For the back: Stretch, ice/moist heat will do wonders for you back. Take up yoga, take it from someone with family history of back issues. Invest in a foam roller too (go slow and don’t push it).
    Summary: #1 priority is your health, you can’t help others if you can’t function.

    For the job: Get a trade job. Work you ass off and start your own small business once you master your craft.
    Summery: you only fail if you give up, keep grinding and never quit. That being said, whatever company you join will replace you in an instant, take your vacation days, don’t let sick days expire. Your earned that time off USE IT!

  8. I’m successful, I have a family, I’ve followed most of the rules, and I don’t feel like I’m ‘Living’. I’m just in the waiting line.

    I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, but all the cool things seem to be too risky for my family.

    There’s a lot of ‘nah, can’t right now’ happening in my life. Most other people seem to have a good time living their best life while I’m struggling.

    I can’t give advice on what to do to make life more ‘lively’, but don’t wait for anyone to give you permission.

  9. This is the information age. Just the fact that Youtube exists is such a leg up on previous generations. You literally have free and easy access to the advice of successful people in almost any field. You can have online mentors without even meeting them.

    You sound pretty depressed. If you drink or do any drugs, I’d say start out by completely stopping those. You’re still very young too.

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