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How to make shaving less painful under the chin/neck area?

I recently (2 months ago) bought a new razor as my old one finally gave in, and this new razor is extremely painful to use under the chin, when I first used it, I thought I slit my own throat with how harsh it was, and been trying to use it for months but the pain of feeling like my hair is being pulled still hasn’t gone away and it makes me now dread shaving because of it.

On the sides it feels fine, just under the chin.

I have tried wetting my face before and that made it even worse.

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  1. If it is pulling your hair excessively it is not a good razor.

    Get yourself a good disposable razor. None of those plastic pieces of shit. At least a Gillette Mach 3.

    Now shower. Wash everything.

    Once out of the shower, use plenty of shaving cream,

    Now shave, first with the grain. Rinse that razor in running water and tap it on the sink to loosen out hairs stuck between blades.

    Now if you want it really smooth, shave again, against the grain.

    If your razor pulls too much, you have a shitty razor that isn’t sharp enough.

  2. That sounds horrible. You have a crappy razor. Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a safety razor. The razor may cost $20-$30 bucks, but the it will last literally forever. Buy a blade sample pack where you get like 100 blades for $10 bucks and tons of different brands. Use different blades until you find one that works for your face and skin. Always shave with the grain, not against it. Against it is how you get razor burn and ingrown hairs. Do these simple things and you’ll be able to change blades every couple shaves so you’ll always have a good, pain free shave. The blades are stupid cheap so you’ll spend maybe $5-$10 per year on blades.

  3. I guess it is different for different folk. Used to get razor burn type thing when I was younger. But I can’t even remember the last time it hurt. Probably something you just have to get used to and you eventually adapt. Or try a different razor?

    Always use warm to hot water as that ease the cut through of the blade and do try to use shaving cream of some sort. Then moisturize afterward.

  4. That sounds really painful, I’m sorry to hear that! Did your old razor not give you this problem? And are you using a powered razor? If it’s powered then there’s probably not much you can do other than try to get a refund.

  5. I’m guessing you’re relatively young. My neck was pretty sensitive when I was younger. Over time it will toughen up. Until then, shave from the bottom of the neck upwards. It might take an extra pass to get all the hair though.

  6. Do you HAVE to shave? I have a similar issue, and I’ve found that a set of clippers on a low setting doesn’t irritate my skin at all and looks pretty good. I don’t know your life, but maybe consider having a perpetual stubblebeard, it’s way less effort, painless, and women find it very attractive if pulled off correctly.

  7. You have to experiment until you find something that works for you. I have fairly sensitive skin in that I’m easily prone to razor rash.

    For me the Gillette 2 blade for sensitive disposables work well. Other 2 blades and 3 or more blades make shaving like peeling an apple on my face. No cuts but just areas of bloody razor rash. Along with the Gillette Fusion gel shaving cream with aloe, I don’t have any issues.

    But what I’ve been using since my wife gave it to me for Xmas – a Norelco wet / dry electric shaver. Game changer. After showering, wet face down again with hot water, and use the Gillette Fusion cream [only need a little bit).

  8. Really hot steaming towel on the area until the skin starts to pink is how I shave. Not quite a first degree burn mind you. It numbs the area and makes the skin more supple to shave

  9. I’m sure someone will have suggested it but switch to a DE razor. The blades are dirt cheap and a good handle will last you a lifetime. (One of my go to handles is a 1963 Gillette) so you have no excuse to not be using a sharp one if you think its lost its edge and that makes all the difference. Buy some shaving soap and brush, lather up and work with the grain for the first pass. You’ll cut yourself the first few times while you learn about both the pressure to apply and the contours of your face. After a relativity short time it won’t take that much longer than multi bladed cartridge razors.

  10. The most comfortable shave for me is this:

    * A fresh Gillette Fusion with the lubricating strip on it. I use each blade many many times, but they are better at the beginning.
    * Real Shaving Co or CREMO brand shaving cream. None of that Barbasol bullshit.
    * Shave in the shower. My process is: wash and rinse my face lightly, then wash my hair to buy time while my beard hair softens in the water, then lather and shave my face, then wash my face once lightly again. Washing the second time removed any left over shaving cream, which I find can give me little whiteheads.

    E: Also don’t press the razor into your skin. Use only enough pressure to keep the blade on your skin. If you dig in, your razor will scrape your skin, making it sting and bleed.

  11. This was a problem for me.

    I usually use a machine nowadays and don’t shave clean often.

    Only really do that for special occassions (weddings and funerals).

    When I do shave clean I use a razor, I leave shaving gel on for a bit longer, to give it more time to work. If I don’t need a damned close shave then I shave with the hairs.
    If I do need a damned close shave then I shave twice, first with then against.

  12. I’ve only ever cut myself with a straight razor. The trick is to make your skin like stone when shaving areas. I will pull my skin to make sure it’s tight and then shave the area. That usually does the trick if you keep cutting yourself.

  13. Are you showering before you shave? I’ve found that taking a hot shower before shaving (and shaking while you’re still in all that warm steam) makes the process a lot smoother and easier. I just use the bic disposable razors and they give me a great shave after doing that and then using shaving cream.

  14. Everyone should stop buying multi blade – disposable razors. As the hair is cut, it gets trapped between the blades, then the bristly sharp hairs get dragged across your skin, causing irritation.

    Get an old school ‘long handled double edged safety razor’. They are incredibly sharp, the blades are super cheap, like 100 pack for $8.00. You can go a full year without having to buy new blades.

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