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How to make a life long commitment?

Even when you are in love with someone, how can you trust your decision of a lifetime commitment? What if you start liking someone else or start finding your partner less attractive over time? How can one be sure about future?!

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  1. You don’t make a lifelong commitment. You make a commitment that you reaffirm every day, with a partner who earns it every day. If you fail them, if they fail you, either way you both have to re-evaluate things.

  2. A lifelong commitment happens when you continue putting in the work over a lifetime. It doesn’t come from just saying you’re going to do that.

    For me, I’m not sure about the future. Too much can change. But I can keep making the effort in my relationships each day and always be true to what works and what doesn’t in an ongoing way.

    If some day that means that my partner and I no longer find ourselves compatible in the same ways, and one or both think things just aren’t working, that commitment still exists for me. Because I want us each to always know that we’re choosing each other and not just caught up in “I have to keep doing this because I said I would”.

  3. In my long relationship experiences, I found that just talking and enjoying time with the right person for me just naturally lasted years and years. By the time we were together for a month, it felt like just a few days went by and that we wanted a lot more time together. We both felt that way.

  4. I waited eight years before I married my wife, in part because I wanted to be sure that as we grew, we grew together. I wanted to be sure that I could keep my promise to who she is, but also to who she will be.

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