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How to know if it’s time to let go

How to know if it’s time to let go

Hey guys. Starting out, I met the girl of my dreams coming up on 2 years. We instantly hit it off, and I had never felt that way about someone in a long time. After years of being cheated on, and treated as a joke, I finally found someone who truly loved me. She was so determined in everything she did. Shes so beautiful, and I honestly couldn’t imagine myself without her. Recently though, we’ve been getting into more and more arguments over little stuff, but also some bigger things. I’ve noticed she’s becoming less motivated with her academics, she’s putting less effort into a lot of things. I still feel the love and such, but in ways I can’t help but to feel like something isn’t right with us.
She never used to get irritated with me, even up to us being together for a year, but she’s kinda changed. I rarely truly get the feeling that she loves me anymore.
Obviously as the relationship moves on, the more serious tones set in, and lots of times you get over the lovey dovey aspect. The thing is I truly can’t imagine going on without her. The only troubling thing is I truly can’t tell if that’s because I’ve been with her for so long and have made such amazing memories, or if it’s my heart telling me something isn’t right. I’m trying to decide if I should talk to her, but I don’t know if I’m ready for what might happen.

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  1. If she’s losing motivation in all aspects of her life that can be a classic symptom of depression.

    2020 was a rather depressing year for a lot of people, unfortunately withdrawing from relationships can also be associated with depression so try to focus less on how her behavior is affecting you/your relationship and look at the “big picture” going on in her life, she might need help and not realize it.

  2. Talk to her and try to figure it out together. Being afraid of her response will only give you the response you were afraid of. It doesn’t matter how well you got along early in your relationship, there comes a time that you have to communicate and ask what’s wrong and what you can do.

  3. If she’s putting next to no effort into you, even through the very basics of talking, then you’ll need to face up to the fact she don’t want it. It’s a tough one, but she needs to be mutually there too and if she ain’t, you can’t force it

  4. If you don’t talk to her you’ll just pile up the problems and it will be so big at the end that leaving or talking about it will be near impossible.

    There’s a thing that people don’t understand about relationships and it’s that communication is what you both need. Even if you both don’t want to, its a necessity for a healthy relationship.

    Since she clearly isn’t the one to initiate the conversation, you have to ask her what’s going on.

    Something is clearly affecting her and it’s sad but it affecting you too.

    And if it’s starts getting you depressed as well then now who’s going to fix the problem?

    If she’s not willing to see that something is off and isn’t willing to talk about it then it might be better to finish the relationships.

    I know it’s harsh but at the end of the day if you both get depressed and fight more and more about stuff it might escalate to more violent means.

    Not only that but if you both fight to the point where you’re down and she leaves you, you’re the one who’s hurt at the end and alone.

    Not that all of this is going to happen and I’m not wishing it either, think of them as possible future, let’s try to avoid those.

    Talk to to her.

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