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How to hang out with other men?

Hi there my friend left my school and now I don’t see him at all in my daily life. Last time I hung out with guy / male friends I was 12. Now I‘m 18 and things changed of course but I never had a chance to lean what is normal to do at this age with a guy friend? I believe many drink beer in someone‘s garden or something. We used to go to the gym together but we don’t have membership anymore and we won’t get new ones. Just asked him to hang out but I don’t know what the %%%% we are supposed to do together.

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  1. My childhood friend and i went out together 3 times in 15 years
    We went to a normal restaurant talked about school
    – watched a movie
    – car meeting

    When i hangout with my friends who i see weekly
    We go to shisha bars to smoke or invite each others to our houses to smoke and talk about work and study

  2. A lot of straight men (I don’t know how much of this applies to gay men) do not really know what to do even though there is no general conflict or reason to dislike each other. You can have healthy and decent social skills and that might not work with a lot of other men. As a lot of men are of either two opposite extremes, it’s a bit rare to find men who you get along with that are in the middle of those two extremes.

  3. Pick a shared activity you may enjoy. Enjoy what you are doing alongside them. Ask them what’s new and how their week is doing.

    You might consider doing some online games with other dudes just to dip your toes in and realize that guys, gals, and neithers aren’t all so different.

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