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How to get laid from a bar or club?

I’m about to be 21 years old and my ex and I just broke up. Since I’ll be 21 I can finally go to bars & clubs.

How does one have a girl leave the club with him?

If you’re still living with your parents and you do manage to get a girl to leave with you, where do you take her? Hotel? Car?

And where do you guys go to meet women generally? Thanks!

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  1. Picking up women and trying to have casual sex after they’ve been drinking is the fastest way to end up as a meme in the “metoo” movement. Stick to sobriety and Tinder for casual hookups. You’ll stay out of jail longer.

  2. JFC there are some bad takes in here. You’re not getting ‘metoo’d’ for chatting up women in a bar, FFS. This weird persecution complex and all or nothing mentality you guys have is so absurd. Don’t sexually assault anyone or act like a creepy fucking neckbeard and this won’t be an issue. It really is that simple, its always been that simple.

    OP, the key is to not have expectations of getting laid when you go out. Operating under the pressure of expectation will warp your mindset and make you
    reek of desperation, which is highly unattractive.

    Instead, just go out with the goal of meeting people and starting conversations, as many as you can. Smile, be positive and engaging. If she is not feeling it then just politely excuse yourself and move on. Don’t get butthurt or dwell on rejection, its a numbers game. Define your success for the evening in terms interactions, take note of what worked and what didnt, adjust your approach accotdingly.

    The trick to creating attraction in social settings is to develop and refine social skills. Like any skill it requires practice to master, there is no magic phraseyou can utter that will make women want to fuck you. Expecting to go out hit a home run in your first AB is not realistic, so don’t set the bar there. Put the work into developing the foundational skill, and the results will follow.

  3. Find a girl that spilled her drink on her shirt and ask her if she wants to split some mozzarella sticks. Once you get the sticks tell her you want to fuck her. They like honesty especially once you fill them full of cheese

  4. Dating apps may be a good place to start. Sure people may think they’re uncool, but the logic is pretty sound.

    Imagine you’re selling car insurance and cold calling people at home that are eating dinner and busy and trying to sell them car insurance they weren’t even shopping for. Then imagine selling car insurance to people on an app shopping for car insurance.

    You may meet people at bars, but that’s a whole lot of work, time, and money invested in trying to chat up random women. Odds are better if you just go to a bar to enjoy company with your friends and if you get an opening to introduce yourself to someone new just go from there.

    Don’t suggest taking her to your car to bang.

  5. Look excellent and appear confident. Dress nice, motherfuxker. I can’t emphasize that enough.

    If at all possible, be FUNNY. If you can make yourself heard in the club, crack wise.

    I had a girlfriend during the time of life when we all went put to clubs. I always went out looking like a bag of shit because it made no difference to me. Well, one night I got my hair and clothes looking perfect and I was approached by a woman just a little hotter than my girlfriend. That was a moment, but I didn’t even dance with her because I had a good thing going.

  6. Be yourself and aim for a genuine social interaction without the goal of sex. Anything can happen, but most importantly you will really connect with someone.

  7. 30 years ago I’d just say hit on as many different women as you can until you find one that’s interested.

    But I’d be afraid to do that anymore after #metoo.

    So I don’t really have any advice except for talking to women and find someone who is interested.

    As far as the where to go, I can’t answer that since I haven’t lived at home since high school and I never cared to hide me having sex from my roommates. If they didn’t want to hear it they could just leave.

  8. Picking up women from a bar or club is complicated.

    * First of all, many women will not go home with men they just met regardless of how interested they are – it’s a safety thing.
    * Secondly, while some of these comments are really self-persecuting about the metoo movement, you do have to be careful about getting drunk and interacting with other drunk strangers if you want to be respectful and not come across like a creep.
    * Third, a lot of people at clubs/bars aren’t trying to go home with anyone. They’re there to have fun with friends or meet people, but they aren’t looking for a hook up. So you have no idea how many women there are actually interested in something like that.
    * Lastly, if you’re going out with the sole purpose of sleeping with someone, women will pick up on that. It’s not always that subtle.

    Bars and clubs are great ways to meet people in general. I’d say it’s easier to meet someone there, have fun and get their number, and then meet up with them again in the future. Or dating apps are even better because you can easily figure out if the other person is looking for casual sex.

  9. Here are the proven steps all men follow, if you don’t know already:

    The key is to make sure you order light beers. Girls will see this as you being healthy and therefore respect your choice. Make sure you go up to her with drink and say the words “you + me = sex”. This shows that you are consice, good a math, and assertive in what you want. Proceed to order her an appetizer from the bar. This will show dominance and she will also respect you want her to fuel up before your night time smash. After she is done feeding, tell her it’s time to go mate. Keep it primitive, this will make her resort back to her cave woman instincts. There ya go.

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