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How the system failed Tara Brown

I recently had cause to read the inquest into the murder of Tara Brown, handed down in Jan. It’s an incredibly sad, depressing, infuriating thing to read, and at several times I was reminded of u/cranialbone who has shared her story here over time. I haven’t kept up with it all, but despite thinking myself to be progressive, supportive of womens issues, aware of the violence they experience, I still found myself at times thinking “ah she’s just being dramatic, it can’t be that bad”. I’m not proud of those thoughts and I’m not sure I really even believed them, but if you had similar thoughts, I’d recommend reading the inquest findings.

Warning that they are graphic, and probably quite traumatising especially if you’ve been a victim. But they are also a very factual way to understand how horrifically QPS is failing women in need, and how often there has been opportunities to arrest violent behaviour, and yet no one really cares until she’s dead.

Inquest: [](

Media: [](

Sorry for the downer post, but this is a very real issue that continues to repeat itself, and for every woman dead, there are countless more in ongoing abusive relationships being failed by the police, who are so regularly championed here.

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According to the inquest all recommendations have been adopted by QPS, I’m sceptical but hopeful that there will be any real change to how the victims are treated. Given the treatment of the officer who leaked the DV victims address, and the ABC report on officers willingness to cover up DV within their ranks ([]( I feel justified in that view.

I feel like a big step towards change is acknowledging this is a systemic issue, reading that inquest helped me understand that.

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