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How the heck do you acquire the taste of black coffee?

I am trying to lose weight, and have lost 10 lbs. so far, but cutting sugar from my life ( shout out to the good folks over at /r/sugarfree ). One thing that has helped is drinking black coffee instead of coffee w/creamer or sugar. Smelling coffee in the morning is one thing, tasting it is a whole another ball game. How do I/How long does it take to acquire the taste of black coffee ?

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  1. •Routinely get ~5 hours of sleep a night for years

    •Require caffeine to function at any level of normalcy

    •Drink lots of coffee

    •Suddenly like coffee

  2. The folks over at r/coffee can recommend great beans and cheap set-ups to be able to extract the most pleasant flavors of coffee without any additives. Plain black coffee can be really bad, but if made correctly then it can turn into something really good and flavorful

  3. For one, you don’t have to go sweetener free. I’m also doing my own reduced sugar diet, and I use stevia in my coffee instead of sugar. It’s harmless (as far as we know), comes at an acceptable price, and it sweetens coffee just as well; if you really want to get technical and nitpicky about it, you can be choosy about what stevia you buy based on the additives it contains or lack thereof, but that’s advanced stevia buying and not required or a big deal.

    Also…there’s no consensus that Splenda and etcetera are 100% bad for you either, if that’s your thing. Remember, too much of anything can be bad for you, a little bit won’t hurt you.

    For two, how and what you brew is important here. Try putting a little bit of salt or cinnamon in your grounds before you brew. Just a dash! Don’t overdo it, season to taste. And definitely don’t try anything else but salt or cinnamon, learn from my mistakes, young padawan. Remember also that more coffee grounds equals stronger coffee, also correlating with how much water you’re using. Personally I prefer dark roast coffee as I like to actually taste my coffee, and I typically brew about six cups every time I make a pot of coffee; try different brands and flavors to see what you like best. You can also get a cheap grinder if you want to grind your own beans, Hamilton Beach makes a simple and affordable countertop version that will allow you to do so, and give you the freedom to not only try new things but adjust your taste based on your preferred grind.

    For three, who says you can’t use creamer? There are sugar free versions of the regular stuff that tastes fine, and there’s healthy alternatives as well. Almond creamer is delicious and that’s not even your only choice, I highly recommend you check out the other stuff at your local grocery stores, the things that aren’t on eye-level usually. You might like it more than you expect. This is all going on the assumption that you feel like you can lose weight with using this stuff of course, do whatever works for you.

    I’ve been through weight loss multiple times, including a hard low-carb diet, and I am a firm believer that you don’t need bitter black coffee to do it.

    EDIT: Reddit doesn’t wanna format my link correctly for some reason, so here you go:

    Info on stevia additives for the nitpicky buyer

  4. Definitely stay away from the Keurig crap. As coffee grinds become stale they give off a gas, so in order to get them in the pods. They have to be as stale as possible.

    I have myself a french press and I grind my beans just before I make my cup of convefe.

    Plus like others said, bounce around with different roasts and brands for different flavors.

  5. honestly if you are like me then tea is going to be up your alley. My main issue with coffee is the bitterness and while black tea is bitter too, it is bitter in a much more palatable and subdued way. My preferred brand is Twinnings of London English Breakfast Tea, it’s nice and caffeinated and is quite good.

  6. What about the black coffee don’t you like? The taste in general? The bitterness?

    – Some people add a dash of milk to smooth the flavor and make it more palatable

    – try a sugar substitute like agave or honey if it doesn’t counter your diet

    _best of luck_

  7. Maybe I’m weird, but I find gross coffee really nice sometimes. 3pm at work and falling asleep at my desk, a really strong black coffee that I almost recoil after each sip actually hits the spot so good..

  8. Higher quality coffee tastes better black than cheap, generic ones, even moreso if you freshly grind it yourself. Figure out what kind of roast you like best too. Also I’d suggest tapering down – if you use creamer and sugar, swap out creamer for half and half, then for milk and then lose the sugar and put less and less milk as you acclimate.

  9. For me it wasn’t about getting used to the taste. I was in mexico and had some really good coffee and was about to put creamer in and my friend was like “just try that without milk in it.” Holy shit it blew my mind how good it was without the cream, mainly because I was just having really good coffee. Ever since then I can’t stand the taste of cream and sugar. Even in lousy coffee.

    Start with a light roast from a local roaster, not starbucks. Starbucks light roast is basically dark roast.

  10. Try different coffee brands. Maybe a sample pack with different brands or beans. Don’t even shy about buying a pack of beans more expensive if they might be good. I stumbled upon beans that had a slight cocoa taste like that. Never touched sugar as they tasted awesome in their own.

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