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How the %%%% does one enjoys clubs?

Seriously, how the hell do you enjoy clubs or loud bars, for all that matters?
Disgustingly overpriced drinks, obnoxious music that is so loud your head starts aching without earplugs, dancing is litetally “jumping up and down the spot”

Picking up girls? Forget it. I must have missed the pick-up artist lesson at my school, because it’s so loud you don’t have a chance for conversation.

Having fun? Why would I pay €10 to get entry to a place where I am smothered by sweaty, drunk bodies, only so i can go deaf with terrible music?

Seriously, why are clubs even a thing?

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  1. As someone who kinda agrees I gotta say I don’t think you go there to talk to people, you go there to dance and just have fun, if someone catches your eye you just dance on them, never go clubbing but that’s only cause I’m anxious and shit and no mates go with me

  2. If you’re good at dancing, some clubs can be really fun. Salsa and swing clubs, for example, can bring an energy that you just can’t match at home. I don’t know, there’s something about swinging in motion with someone, surrounded by others, that just feels so great. It’s even more fun when the club has a live band playing.

  3. It’s about having a place outside the home to relax inhibitions. You compartmentalize your party persona from your daily life.

    I don’t do it, but it’s largely because I don’t like being in a crowd of strangers by myself.

  4. You don’t actually go to socialize. I’m f you think that’s the purpose you are foolish. You go to get drunk, dance, or do some kind of drugs. It was never about socializing. If you hook up with someone that’s just a bonus.

  5. Honestly I think the answer to all your issues is get really drunk lol

    Don’t buy drinks at the club, go to pres with friends before you go out. You won’t care what the music is because you’ll be drunk and enjoy/dance to it anyway. I wouldn’t go to a club with the expectation of “picking up girls” just be genuinely friendly and flirty if you find them attractive and see what happens, being drunk helps with the confidence with this. Most clubs tend to have a more quiet area where you can have normal conversations. Also go with a good set of friends who you’re really comfortable with and who are comfortable with you. I’ve gone to clubs at uni for example with flatmates who I’ve not *really* known too well and it’s not been bad at all but it’s got in the way a bit of my enjoyment, but then I go back home clubbing with my best friends since childhood and have the most amazing night cause we can all just act like idiots together and have a great time

    Clubs can be so much fun, sounds like you maybe just need to embrace them for what they are a bit more, maybe try getting a bit more drunk so you can really enjoy yourself and go with people you’re really comfortable with. Having said also make sure you always drink responsibly and know your limits. Alcohol and being drunk is a perfectly fine and fun experience providing you do it properly, but don’t underestimate the dangers of drinking too much.

  6. When I used to got to clubs all the time when younger… you go to dance, have fun, listen to some banging music, have some drinks and laughs with your great friends, flirt and hopefully meet a great girl but that was a bonus rather than the objective.

    If you don’t like clubs then that’s cool too, but you are either a person who likes them or someone who doesn’t: if you like deep conversation then it isn’t for you, but if you like music and dancing then a quieter bar or cafe isn’t for you either.

  7. To each their own. I absolutely love the underground house scene in my city, and seek it out wherever I travel. But I recognize it’s not for everyone. Half of my friends are house heads, and half prefer house parties and dive bars. The two groups have little overlap.

  8. I’ve had nights that have sucked and nights that were amazing in dance clubs. What usually makes them amazing is an amazing DJ, meeting someone really cool, sexy times, or being with a group of old friends and getting wasted. What makes them annoying is going alone, bad DJ, everyone sucks, etc.

    I have DJed since 2001. Mostly in The US (FL and TX) and Japan. I’ve done sets where I swore I’d never come back and I’ve done sets that were magical.

    Having a good scene is essential to the fun too. If you get to know people and build a community it kicks ass. I started going to raves in 93’ and every now and then I still experience glimmers of unity like back then.

  9. Clubs can be fun in particular circumstances. Go to see music played by an artist you like, add some drugs, and it becomes a collective physical experience. And then you can talk with people outside/afterwards about what you experienced together.

  10. In my early 20s we’d pregame. Get a Lyft or an Uber there. We’d drink and smoke. I personally hung out in the patios and meet people there. It was pretty fun. I’ll tell ya though, I’m sitting here with my new born on my chest and my wife next to me. It’s quiet, but I love it so much more. Maybe you’ve moved past that phase in your life and ready for something different?

  11. Clubs were fun as hell when I was younger. I had some of the best times just dancing and talking to girls at the club. Now I wouldn’t even consider going. Times change and so do people, maybe you already missed that phase lol!

  12. Im gonna talk about my experience so take it with a grain of salt.

    I like going clubbing, IF im with friends. Most clubs where i live have free entry and i can get a drink for 1€. In some places, even for less. Music and dancing is as you described. But i kinda “get drunk” out of the atmosphere so i dont care about how i look. My friends are having fun, im having fun, everyones having fun, so its awesome.

    Now if im alone, COMPLETLY DIFERENT STORY! Im not really into drinking, so i dont get drinks. I dont care about dancing on my own. And im too shy to talk to anyone i dont know.

    So, in short, its terrible. If you have friends, clubbing its a great place where you can laugh with your mates. Or laugh at them when they say “im fine” while stumbling about lol

  13. I liked going to clubs back in college, would probably still like it now if I was single.

    Two main things.

    1. Go with close friends only, not with people you barely know. When you are all drunk, it will develop a pretty funny group dynamic. Having lots of people around will add an element of randomness that will create some very memorable nights
    2. Meeting pretty girls, obviously.
    You don’t need a “pick up lesson”. You just need some good old fashioned trial and error. And trust me: The very second you kissed your first girl on the dancefloor will change the way you view clubs forever.
    After that, you get that positive heart-racing feeling whenever you see a girl that captivates you. It worked before, why not give it a try? Though meeting girls should never be your sole objective when you go to a club, it spices things up significantly.

    Clubs gave me some great memories. The problem is that a lot of people are just too tense/too insecure to make use of the setting (no front to you, clubs aren’t for everyone, talking about the people who hate it but still go there for some reason).

  14. I am not a dancer, I am not a pickup artist, I just have friends who sometimes enjoy dancing and I like to get drunk, but my observation is this;

    The difference in going to clubs and being bored and going to clubs and having fun is just to get adequately intoxicated beforehand and then just going with the flow and stopping caring so much about how you look, what you’re supposed to do, that they are not playing the one specific genre you like in the whole world.

    Dress nice, get your alcohol before you go there, not at the club, if you do drink, get the cheapest beer, and then just own it if you are a terrible dancer. Yes the music is terrible, just follow the rythm and try to emulate things you see others do until it doesn’t feel weird, get in the mindset that no one cares and tomorrow it will all be forgotten, have a sense of humor about sucking, smile to girls if they look at you.

  15. OP you’re a loner and never get ask out to party.

    Clubbing in hella fun drunk with your bros in your 20’s. Getting older now so we’ve switched to bars/pubs.

    I won’t hesitate or decline an invite to go clubbing again for special occasions and bottle service until I’m a grandpa.

  16. I only go for live music anymore TBH. I don’t have the patience for all the bullshit and puffed up crap. And being an older guy I have to say the older guys are the problem. I don’t ever have issues with younger guys. But all kinds of old jackasses walking around looking for a fight. Mostly LOOK old and ugly and frustrated because they aren’t about to get the young girls there.

  17. Depends on the club mate. Dancehall/ reggaeton clubs can be a load of fun if you like dancing. Good techno clubs can be fun too if you’re into the scene. You don’t go to these types of places to talk to people, they exist for people to go hit the dancefloor in various states of altered consciousness.

    As for picking up in the former… Well, be good at dancing? The latter? Yeah that’s a bit different. Most people aren’t there to fuck.

    I go to clubs for a club night to enjoy dancing with friends. I don’t go to talk to strangers.

  18. Some people like to dance. Clubs are the easiest place on earth to get laid if you like to dance.

    I don’t dance and don’t like banging randoms so I also hate clubs but I certainly see the appeal.

  19. Well, I’m going to be honest. You ain’t going to get any good answer from most people here since most people on Reddit are either introverted or anti social. And based on your reaction, you probably will not fit in at a bar or a club. But everyone is different.

    But I will give you an example of why and how:

    When I used to go out in college, it was for the dancing. You would always drink before going to the bar/club. It’s foolish to go fully sober and buy many drinks at the club/bar. It’s common sense that it’s expensive. The point of the bar/club is to get away from life and dance or Vibe to the music. The music is very dependent on the club or bar you go to. Some will play top mainstream music, other EDM, others play country and some play rock. You have to be realistic about the music being played niche genres are probably not going to be played.

    The point is if you aren’t there to get distracted from life and don’t have the social skills to bring people around you in an environment meant for dancing. Then it’s just not meant for you. Find another environment meant for you. Again everyone is different.

  20. If you enjoy dancing then I guess it’s really fun. I find myself just dancing with the crew I showed up with way more often then actually being able to pick up a girl at the club. If they don’t play any songs you’re in to then I get almost no enjoyment from going to the club.

    I also enjoy dancing but I’m an anxious introvert so I have trouble expressing myself. I much prefer a choreographed dance as I think I just look like an idiot when I come up with my own “moves”. I just end up doing generic shit or copy people around me. The club isn’t for me and it doesn’t have to be. Clubbing is a phase for most people and the majority will grow out of it by the time they finish college or their mid 20s. If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t partake, just chill at the bar or don’t go at all.

  21. > dancing is litetally “jumping up and down the spot”

    I like that. You can suck at dancing, and still have fun.

    > Picking up girls? Forget it. I must have missed the pick-up artist lesson at my school, because it’s so loud you don’t have a chance for conversation

    Have some paper on you. Note your phone number, and hand it to the person of interest. They’ll call later if they are interested.

  22. I thought I hated clubbing until I went to clubs that play different music. At the mainstream EDM-ish clubs, everyone seems to be there because that’s “where you go” and I feel out of place, but at more specific clubs (ideally sort of rock/indie clubs, for me, but those aren’t that common around where I lived, and it turned out to still work for just generally more specific clubs) people who go there tend to actually be there for the music more and it felt more like a big group of people vibing together and fun, rather than terrible music and everyone being mildly awkward.

  23. I like clubbing, but not the clubs like you said. I like techno clubs, everyone there is on MDMA and the music goes through your body its an amazing feeling. Because everyone is on MDMA, everyone is also wholesome asf and no one gets mad at anything.

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