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How should a stranger approach a man with a child?

I’ve seen tons of replies to certain questions on this subbrisbane where a single (or not) dad is out with his kid(s) or genuinely helps another kid in public and gets disgusting looks and is generally considered to be a threat to children. Now, it is understandable why this happens as most pedophiles are men.

But for the ones who aren’t pedo, how must a stranger approach a father with a child to ensure that the kid is ACTUALLY safe and clear any suspicions without hurting the father’s feelings?

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  1. Firstly, realize that when you see a man with a child, in at least 99.99% of cases, he is the father/uncle/whatever just out with a child for perfectly normal reasons.

    The cliché pedophile who randomly abduct children of the street/playgrounds/whatever is very, very rare even among pedophiles, which are already very, very rare.

    So, good news to you. Unless you have a very, very good reason to assume that something untoward is going on, there is nothing you need to do. You do not need to harass every father who is out with his child.

  2. The same way you’d approach a black man walking with a white woman to make sure she’s safe and not being trafficked. You don’t.

    Not unless you have something more than sexist/racist stereotypes that makes you believe they’re in danger.

  3. never question an unfazed man with a screaming child. it’s when the child’s tantrum startles the man then something isnt right. likewise, a calm baby in the arms of a man is comfortable, indicating the baby knows the person.

    if the man is changing a diaper or wiping a nose… that aint no pedo. anyone that’s seen a kid in those states knows what i’m getting at.

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