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How old where you when you first drove a car?

With or without license

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  1. 14 years old with no license but once I turn 15 I drove myself to the driving school because here in Texas it’s not offered during public school or anything like that

  2. First time, 6 or so – Mom would take me out to the country and put me on her lap so I could steer. Got my learners at 14, full licence at 16. Wasn’t til 18 that I learned to drive stick – out of necessity.

  3. Automatic transmission 12 as I would cut firewood with my dad and he wanted me to be able to drive the truck out if there was a problem. Manual transmission, 14. The truck changed from an auto to a 3 on the tree.

  4. by myself? i was 8. so short i had to use the steering wheel to pull myself into the clutch and back up to the seat so i could see where i was going 😛 i would look through the area between the wheel and the dash.

    had been riding the tractor around the yard since i was 5 though. always liked to pull the yard roller around, never thought of it smushing me if i happened to fall off as the safeties were all disabled.

  5. 13. I was left home alone and decided to drive down the road in the vehicle that was left there.

    I realized a quarter mile down the road that if my neighbors saw, I was busted and out in a rural area, everyone knows everyone.

    I chickened out and turned back home.

    Really driving was 15 when I got my permit.

  6. 15 and a half, just when I could get my learners permit and get through those stupid classes… Gave up two weekends for that, worth it and once I got to college was great to be almost the only one with a car

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