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How old do you 40-somethings stay up on the weekends?

When I think about it, I’d like to be one of those guys that stays up until like 11 or midnight and then gets up at 8 and does yard work…currently, I just stay up late and get drunk by myself playing video games. I feel like such a juvenile.

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  1. I’m usually going to bed around 930 or so, past 10 is late for me. I’m also up at 5-530. Weekdays, weekends doesn’t really matter I keep the same schedule.

  2. I’m almost 40. Get to bed by 11, usually asleep by midnight and I’m up around 8:40am thanks to WFH. but not looking forwards to waking up at 7:40am when I need to commute again

  3. Bed at 930 wake at 6 (same as weekdays). It may sound like too much sleep for someone middle-aged but I work full time as a masonry labourer and also workout 16-18 hours a week so I need my rest badly

  4. 51 here….Seems like one extreme or the other – I either start crashing early and fall asleep watching TV early evening, or I get wrapped up in something and I have to force myself to quit and go to bed at 2/3 AM. Its even more inconsistent since I recently quit my regular scheduled job and began my own service company. I have check-in times on some job status with a few customers, but I don’t have to be up early if there’s nothing scheduled for the day….now any day could be my weekend…..

  5. 50+ here. my normal is midnight to 6:30 but variable sleep under any almost any condition is my genetic lottery win. last night I went to sleep at 3am and was up at 7:30.

    my record is 22 hrs straight before catching a 2.5hrs nap then back to work. I was on a project for 3 yrs where every other weekend I had to do a Friday to Sunday working over 35 hrs, catching my “sleep” in the middle of the day.

    hate and never use alarms. i decide when I need to wake the night before and just wake accordingly. need to be up at 4am cause have an early flight to catch, no problem.

    I fall asleep fast. my wife tells me, too fast. I sleep deeply according to my wife, but odd/unreasonable noises wake me instantly. kids trying to sneak out or in, can’t, dad hears all even if asleep.

    I said I hate alarms right. as a kid, my sister’s room was the other end of the house and she sleeps the sleep of the dead. she knew my hate for alarms but sometimes would set hers. I’d have to stop it giving up after say 5 mins waiting for her to wake. eventually our deal was, I’ll be her alarm, waking her for any important appointments then going back to my sleep after.

    my wake warm up period is instant.

    I’ve taken a nap in the middle of a loud party.

    I can fall asleep while getting my haircut.

    have a new born, no problem. I loved doing the 2 hrs overnight feeding schedule because it allowed me a great opportunity to bond with my children. I’d notice as they began to stir. tube feed the beast milk my wife banked. burp. change. rock them back to sleep and of course back to my stressful demanding in the morning.

    once my eldest was sleeping through the night, I bundled him on top of me as I can sleep perfectly still. in the mornings I’d find him in exactly the same position. did this between 3 and 6 months. unfortunately my youngest wouldn’t tolerate this because he was very temperature intolerant.

    I dream often and remember most of it in the morning. when I was in school I pretty much has photographic memory.

    my kryptonite? canoe camping. I’ve had an evening run in with a black bear so yeah it takes me a good day or two to settle enough to ignore the freakin chipmunks and coons scampering in the middle of the night.

    lastly, both my boys show signs of having inherited.

  6. I’m 43(F) and I go to bed around 11. Later on weekends. I’m about to start a job where I have to get up at 4:45am and I’m a bit concerned about whether I’ll be able to go to bed early enough as I’m such a night owl! I’m hoping I’ll just be tired enough after the first few days.

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