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How often/much do You usually drink?

How often/much do You usually drink?

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  1. Booze? For the past 7 or so years probably 3 times a year that I drink enough to be “drunk” and probably another 5-10 times that I have a drink or two (anniversary, at a wedding, some sort of social gathering). Back in my college days it was 6 nights a week, mostly in excess.

  2. Usually I’ll have a few drinks on the weekend… usually Saturdays nights. It’s usually not that much though… maybe two or three hard drinks or a few beers. If I’m with friends it might be a bit more… but rarely to the point of being drunk. At this point in my life I generally just prefer the feeling of a nice buzz than getting wasted.

  3. I used to drink a ton but only on social gatherings. Mostly tequila and Jack Daniels shots. I really didn’t enjoy it so I quit alcohol altogether and haven’t drink in probably 8 years or something like that.

  4. Not at all for the past 8 months or so because of some medications I’m on.

    Prior to that? I’d have 2-4 drinks out at the bar with friends on a Friday or Saturday night, and maybe a Sunday morning screwdriver. Didn’t drink at all during the week.

  5. Very rarely and if I do it’s because family/friends managed to coax me into drinking 1 glass of wine for a special occasion.

    It’s a bit of a long story but I really don’t like alcohol.

  6. Not enough, probably. It can really vary and depend though, somedays I can have maybe up to at least 8 glasses while other days I might only drink one. Don’t think the fellas over at the hydro sub would approve.

  7. I used to drink maybe 10 to 12 drinks whenever I would drink because I would drink very infrequently but now I’m drinking two or three times a week which I’d like to cut down on but I’m sticking to like 7 at the most

  8. Multiple times a week. Ranging from one beer to half a bottle of wine on weekdays to “a couple of drinks” when out with people. It’s part of my family’s meal culture, but I also just like a good drink now and then on my own.

  9. Not as much anymore, maybe like twice a month now. I drink way less when I do now too but that’s because I take buspirone and it gets me *really* drunk with alcohol so I had to cut back a lot.

  10. Alcoholic? Usually two drink limit. No matter the type of drink. Used to drink more at times but I grew older and learned better.

    Non-alcoholic? 3-4 soft drinks a day. Several glasses of water. A glass of tea or two. I’m constantly drinking something or another.

  11. I have never had any alcohol in my life, not even a sip or taste of wine. I have seen first hand what it can do to someone and I have had too many friends killed by drunk drivers to even want to try it.

  12. Depends. Rarely on my own (maybe once a week at absolute most and I’ve gone months without alcohol). When I’m with others, I tend to drink way too much.

  13. Once every two weeks maybe, low side estimate. Been drinking a lot more this week because I bought a six pack for an social event that fell through (one beer at dinner), and I’m right now 4-5 hard ciders into the night at a karaoke bar. Really huge aberration for me.

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