How often has your anger ruined your life for a bit?

I’m currently being kicked out by my roommates because I punched the door out of anger during an overrealn argument. I’m not used to people being freaked out by that. I grew up with that. I honestly feel like it’s a normal response to have when upset.

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  1. Quick overview of your post history says you need to see a doctor and a therapist. Idk if AA is having sessions right now but they’ve helped a lot of people and they are very nonjudgmental in spite of what you’ve heard in regards to their christian roots. You lashing out and damaging property is now leading towards you a path of not having a place to live. Hopefully you have somewhere to go next but they’re not going to put up with you breaking things either If you lash at at the wrong person, especially if you end up on the streets acting out then you could end up dead. You need to get your life in order now.

  2. Dude…with all due respect, you need to grow up a little bit. I had to, too…not trying to flame you. Anger is going to do absolutely nothing for you but ruin relationships, or land you in jail. Try not to get upset at people’s words towards you. If you let people’s words evoke an emotional (Angry) reaction from you, they then control you. Strength is laughing in those people’s faces and walking away. You can do it.

  3. Sounds like you have some issues you should be working through. I know how hard it is to cultivate healthy ways to deal with emotions when your parents have modeled unhealthy ones (alcohol and workaholism for me) but it is necessary and will benefit you in the long run. You can talk about it with a therapist, or read books about it.

  4. It happened twice once when my ex admitted that she cheated and another time when she tried to black mail me for money I punched a couple of holes in a table but apart from that the anger lasted for a couple of days where I would explode for tiny stuff

  5. Often in my 20s. Not much since.

    Your behavior though, the ejection was warranted. That’s not normal, or what should be acceptable, behavior. Do consider talking to a professional. You need to learn a few safer, socially acceptable, outlets for anger. You just need to up your toolset a bit is all.

  6. I highly doubt it was just that one incident of you punching a wall. Must have been other factors that have accumulated over time for your roomates to kick you out. It might help reflecting on your behavior.

  7. I go through phases in my life where I just am angry. It’s not often, it’s quite rare actually, but these don’t last long, because all it does is show me how the anger just causes harm to myself. I guess I’m lucky that me being angry has only cost me some dollars and not relationships or experiences or opportunities…that I’m aware of. The funny thing about anger is that it summons a part of your emotions that just wills itself to express anger without thinking clearly or anything. You don’t remember a lot of stuff if you’re angry all the time. It’s almost like it’s not even you.

  8. I’ve been angry but never let it control me. Last time I punched a wall out of anger I had to be about 14 i was beat as a child also. After a while, its time to grow up and control your emotions. I use the gym. If anger is getting you kicked out It’s time to get that in check. As you get older people won’t put up with you hitting walls and destroying property. Them just kicking you out is smart way to go about it, they could’ve got physical.

  9. I won’t say every single one of them on their own ruined my life but when i add them together then i can say yeah, my anger issue ruined my life both financially and mentally

    And it happened to me around 7 times more or less… Trying my best to not repeat them again and control my anger

    Thanks god its been around 3 or 4 months that i didn’t loose my temper in order to make one of those mistakes again

  10. I was trashed and went off one of my only and closest friends at the time outside of a bar because she had been poking at me all day. Like *really* blew up on her to the point that random people were telling me to chill out.

    Tbf, it had been building up over time and she wasn’t 100% innocent in why I was mad, but the way I went at her made me look like a psycho. I didn’t physically attack her, I wouldn’t do that, but we didn’t talk for like 6 months. Even then, the relationship is not the same after making up because she said she was afraid of me.

  11. Yo man I’m the same way when I get angry and let me tell you It.Fucking.Sucks

    I’ve gotten in trouble at school, at work, with law enforcement, etc. because I blow up when I’m angry. I inherited it from my dad, he has a very similar temper and I grew up watching him explode. It was the only way I knew how to deal with anger for a while. I felt like I was just blowing off steam but I never realized how scary it was for people watching me.

    2 distinct incidents stick out in my head:

    One time, where I was extremely pissed off due to some bureaucratic bullshit with my job, and I was screaming in fury over the phone. My dad was home and got equally pissed off and we got into a physical fight and beat the shit out of each other. It was the only time my dad had ever hit me since I was a little kid.

    The other time was when I got into an argument with my girlfriend at the time and I loudly told her to get the fuck out. She cried and left immediately. It ruined our relationship and led to us breaking up shortly afterward. I’m still filled with so much regret. Had that moment not happened we might have stayed together. Just 10 seconds of losing my temper resulted in me losing the love of my life.

  12. 😂😂😂 yeh I wouldn’t be freaked out by that neither but then again I come from a violent background. When I was 21, got into a massive argument at a family BBQ and ended up throwing the whole table at someone suffice to say I never got invited to another family get together again but fuck it.

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