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How often do you think of your ex girlfriends and what do you think when you think abou them?

I’ve only had 1 “proper” relationship that lasted 7 months . don’t laugh but i loved the girl. things ended badly . it’s been over a year and i still think of her everyday although my memories have faded. overtime do you just stop thinking about your exs? or do you still think about them ?

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  1. Every once in awhile an ex pops into my mind but it’s usually triggered by something (sound/scent) and it’ll fade pretty quick unless it’s an important memory.

    As far as what I think, usually it’s nothing or if it wasn’t bad I’ll wonder if their doing well, if it was a bad relationship I’ll just change my focus to something current that’s positive.

  2. Once or twice a week maybe. I think about the good times, what she’s up to, what could have been. I don’t know why; it didn’t work, and we won’t get back together.

    It’s definitely less often now than it was two years ago, bit it’s still tough.

  3. Ive only had one ex and i think about her a few times a year. I get extremely angry when I think of her to the point where I really just want to punch something because all I can think of is how she treated me like absolute shit.

  4. With time, you absolutely begin to not think of them constantly. And, amazing as it sounds, after a long enough time period, the negative memories fade. I think of my exes occasionally, but never in a negative manor anymore. Not in an adoration, or lusting kind of way, just kind of like the memory of an old car you had good memories with.

  5. I often do, but it’s mostly because the breakup is somewhat fresh. She was and still is my favorite person, but I feel as with time passing it’ll fade; especially since I’ve gone NC to kinda just help my mental state.

  6. I’m happily married today, but still think about all of my exes occasionally.

    Not in a regretful way, they just cross my mind the same way old friends do and make me wonder what they’re up to in life and how they’re doing.

  7. Dated a beautiful girl in high school. And she was shy in the cutest way possible. Great personality, funny, the whole bit. But I was already signed up for the military and she wasn’t leaving her family so it wasn’t meant to be. Probably once a week I stalk facebook and see what she’s up to with her ugly husband. I’ve had a dozen other exes, even a married one. She’s the only one I look up.

  8. I’ve had several exes over the past decade, from months long to years long. I don’t ever think of them unless a smell cue or something happens, but it comes and goes without a thought.

    It gets easier with time, and even easier if you find someone else or hobbies to keep you busy and feeling fulfilled. 🤘

  9. I’ve never experienced this before but ever since I’ve broken up with my last ex (4 months ago) I’ve been having recurring dreams almost every night where I either want to reconnect with her or otherwise think it’s a good idea to reach out and get back together. Last night I actually uttered a ‘I miss you’ out loud in my sleep… The thing is that as soon as I wake up it seems like the silliest idea to try and get back together considering we had a 1 year relationship and were simply not compatible. I don’t quite know what to make of it lol.

  10. Dude I won’t laugh at 7 months, that’s more than all of my relationships combined.

    As for me I’m on very good terms with two, and while I barely ever speak to the third one, I would say that if we met by chance on he street we would at least say hello. So I think more about them like I would think about friends, maybe more

  11. I never really had proper exes because I got with my current partner at 15, but the few girls I dated before then mostly turned into train wrecks and abusers so if I ever think about them it’s to consider what a bullet I dodged.

  12. Very rarely. Maybe once a year and I’m immediately reminded that they are an ex for a reason.

    One makes me cackle every time though. She once messaged me on Facebook reminiscing and romanticizing our relationship (which lasted a week in high school) and her talking about how she doesn’t care for her current boyfriend that she moved to Seattle with and what we had was special… blah blah blah.

    I quickly talked her down and all that then she tried to make fun of the sex we had one time which wasn’t good for either of us. I then let her know that I really only dated her because I was curious what her tits looked like.

    I was promptly blocked and laughed for the rest of the day.

    She had it coming anyway since she lied about having HPV and told everyone that I gave it to her so karma gave her a nice slap in the face.

  13. Most of them are just occasional featured guests in my masturbatory fantasies or sex dreams.

    I periodically get reminded of my ex-fiancee by things that are strongly associated with her. Then I mostly think of bittersweet memories or wonder how she is doing.

    Falling in love again really helps with not thinking about a fond ex, I’ve found.

  14. Most of my exes are exes for a reason. I have found that memories of them tend to fade very quickly when I’m in another relationship afterward.

    These days I only think of my exes if something comes up that reminds me of them. Usually clothing, oddly enough. Most of my exes gave me T-shirts and stuff, and I still have a few around for wearing when I’m doing cleaning or working out.

    One ex gave me some Jim Thompson shirts from Thailand which I absolutely goddam love and which are extremely threadbare now. So comfy.

  15. Depends on the girl, most I don’t think about, one or two I do on occasion then there’s one who pops into my mind way too often and I resent her for it

  16. I dont necessarily miss any of my ex’s, but I miss having intimacy with different people. I miss being able to explore my feelings and sexuality and see how I feel with different people. Although I don’t believe I would ever leave my fiance, I do wish I could go back sometimes and experience different things.

  17. Daily for 3 of them, much less for the others. One of those, the most recent, is because the relationship left a few sore spots (avenues for personal growth) that I still grapple with. It was a painful relationship, and I put too much into it.

    The other two are much older relationships (over two decades ago) that in hindsight and after some personal growth, I realize were actually good relationships. I’ve come to grips with it: they were a part of my life, and they were good women; the issues were mostly mine. Mostly, they just come up in my head in a good way, and go out a few minutes later. I remember them very fondly, and while I’ve long since moved away from the area and are not in contact with them, I hope life’s treated them well, and that they are happy. I would happily date either of them again, though I imagine that over the years, we’re all vastly different people now.

    I absolutely won’t laugh at you for seven months. I’ve developed some pretty strong feelings in less time than that. I also don’t think a year is unreasonably long at all. I still think of mine *many* years later, though the pain does get much less over the years, and eventually turns to fondness and appreciation. Usually after you’ve moved on to someone else, though.

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