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How often do you shower?

Is it ok to shower every other day/ every 3 days?

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  1. Every work day, if I’m a lazy couch potato on my off days then i get the smell test, any smell here outside of deodorant is cause for a shower. Longest run without a shower was 89 days in Iraq, then about 4 months in Afghanistan. Three days isn’t a biggie if you don’t stink don’t shower. As for me i remember not being able to shower when it was truly needed, so sometimes i jump in just because i can or to have a beer. Cheers!

  2. I work construction. Every god damn day as soon as i get home. I feel so nasty, dirty and overall just smell bad until i get home. I feel guilty walking into any store before i get home just because of how dirty i am.

  3. So much. Every morning first thing. After workout. After sex. After shitting. After second workout.

    So if everything that necessitates a shower happens in one day it would be 5 showers for me.

    In the immortal words of Frank Reynolds “I JUST WANNA BE PURE”

  4. Not often enough! I sometimes go a whole month without showering. It’s the one aspect of my current life that I feel embarrassed about, but it seems to be some kind of weird health problem where the thought of dragging myself into the shower makes me feel weary and need to lie down.

    Right now I stink to the point of being able to smell myself. I really, REALLY should go shower before I sleep tonight so I don’t stink up my bed more than I already have. Send good thoughts my way that I might be able to take the plunge and go wash off tonight!

  5. it honestly depends on activity level, and how many shits you take. If Im working from home, and im not doing much probably 2 days max without showering. Ill sometimes shower twice a day if I have a really violent shit while home, Ill just go into the shower.

  6. Assume other people will smell you before you smell yourself. If you caught odours on day 3 that means your friends/coworkers were probably sampling the bouquet the day before at least.

  7. Unless you have wicked BO then every other day is good. You’re not actually supposed to shower every day.

    Especially if you work a desk job. If I don’t go to the gym then I don’t sweat that day, at all. I don’t need a shower when all i’ve done is sit at a desk.

  8. Usually daily (especially in the Summer) but sometimes I get lazy and do it every second day. But I like to shower after my workout in the morning which keeps me in a pretty consistent routine.

    I feel really gross if I go longer than a day or two without one though. I’m a bigger guy so I try to be really mindful to stay clean.

  9. Occasionally, if I’m staying at home all day for some reason, I won’t shower until close to bed time. But 24hs without a shower makes me feel dirty and just Ew.

    Better question is shower in the morning before work, or in the evening before bed to keep your sheets clean? Or both?

  10. Every single morning. It’s how I make sure I wake up and am ready for the day. 15 minutes of hot water (and my showers are always just this side of boiling) bring me out of the last dredges of my slumber and focus me.

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