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How often do you make a move on someone you find attractive?

“making a move” as in basically anything that makes your attraction explicitly known

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  1. Not that much anymore. I’m not even scared. Just tired of wasting my time trying cuz I’ve made too many “she was just being nice” mistakes.

  2. I just ask them if they wanna grab ice cream (during the summer) or something

    Girls rnt dumb, they get why Im asking. If theyre feeling weird about it and ask as friends, I just say, “nah i was thinking more of a date but if ure not up for it then honestly no hard feelings :)”

  3. I made a resolution that I would after I got my heart smashed to pieces in early December and so far, 100% (Went to a party yesterday, got with the best looking girl there).

    I realised before, the problem was completely in my own head. I wasn’t very attractive growing up, I was chronically overweight and spent most of my time being a loner. I had absolutely no self-confidence and it radiated through my poor posture, shite dress sense and a generally negative demeanor around other people. I still wasn’t completely unapproachable, I had girls come up to me in clubs or old friends getting crushes on me but I was never interested because I either thought I’d fuck it up, they were taking the mick or I wasn’t attracted to them and so I’d become even more reclusive and anxious. A paradoxical cycle of self-loathing and self-deprecation.

    I hesistantly put myself out there with this girl, I fell in love with her and she broke me into a million pieces. My choices were either to give up entirely and become a hermit or stop giving a flying fuck. My lack of self-confidence and unwillingness to accept and move past defeat has ruined so many good opportunities in my life so far including my relationship with her. So I lost a stone and a half in weight, exercised to the point where all my muscles are sore as fuck all the time, threw away half my clothes, booked myself in for a tattoo and shed all social media.

    I went up to that girl at the party, chatted her up and made the move to kiss her eventhough I had no right to. Ten minutes later, my fingers are in her knickers. If she rejected me, I would’ve simply downed my beer and had fun with the boys. Don’t put the pussy on a pedestal, I did it for so many years. Making out, fingering, fucking, when you put it down to brass tax, they’re all fairly simple tasks an ape like me could accomplish and as fun as it is, its really not that special. Ask her, if she says no, move on and find the next girl you find attractive. See it as a transaction, nothing personal really. They know nothing about you besides how you dress or what you look like, its all superficial garbage. Once you realise a night with the boys, getting hammered and doing some karaoke can be far more fulfilling than fucking, the anxiety surrounding approaching women completely disappears. Don’t value things by the difficulty in which its achieved rather than the fulfillment it will provide you.

    In terms of approaching women for something serious, I’m not sure I’m in that place yet. I don’t think the Barney Stinson approach will be as successful past the first date and I’m still not 100% over the last girl.

  4. Even if I find someone attractive, I don’t want a relationship with them so I don’t make a move because I just don’t want to.
    The last time I’ve made a move on someone was… Wow… Over four years ago.

    I hadn’t realized how long it has been.

  5. almost never. i find 99% of the women i encounter in life to be attractive in SOME way. i don’t go harassing them with moves just because i like their hair or their freckles that day.

  6. It’s been a while. Honestly, it’s rare for me to be attracted anymore and the last crush I can think of, any move would have been wildly inappropriate (work client, significant age difference – her being the older one).

  7. Always (within reason lol don’t walk up to everyone you find attractive). What’s the point of being attracted to someone if you can’t shoot your shot. Flirting is fun af (and doesn’t need to be super aggressive; you can make it clear you’re into someone without making a checkmate-esque move)

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