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How often do you hear “I Love You”

Im a 22yr old female; i tell my friends especially my male friends that i love them.

they’re always so happy to hear it but they rarely say it back. How often do you hear it and what do you feel when its said?

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  1. Guy rule # 892. Never tell a girl you love them because it could be taken the wrong way or may be taken that your making a move on her. Exception to this rule: Older guys can say it to younger girl or sister/brothers.

  2. As a guy I have a friend who would always say I love you bro and give me a hug before I left. At first I really didn’t like it and it just felt weird but I would because it would be rude to be like “nah bro”, but after a friend was shot and killed, and thinking about other friends that are gone, you just kinda realize life’s too short not to let the people you love know you love them. Love isn’t just between significant others, and it will hurt when you can’t let them know anymore, people in general need to normalize this

  3. Often. My girlfriend and I say I love you all the time. I tell my friends I love them and they’ve started saying it back. I tell my family members I love them and they say it in return. It’s an important thing to let people know.

  4. The comments here are forcing me to think about how I feel about my situation. I hear it about 10-25 times a day and it’s gotten to the point where it kind of annoys me, like it’s being used as a filler word, but not that extreme.

    I’m going to try and do a better job appreciating the amount I hear it and reciprocate with enthusiasm.

  5. Not a man, but I also tell my friends I love them (regardless as to gender). Almost all of them say it back. Over the years, some of my male friends have even started saying it to their friends (regardless to gender). I wish is was more normalized. Men deserve to know they are cared for.

  6. Ugh, I hear it constantly, but not that fake shit from “friends”. I hear it from family. Like my kids constantly say it. My wife says it. I can’t even get to bed every night without hearing it.

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