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How often do you guys wash below your knees in the shower?

My girlfriend was very surprised with me after I had told her that I probably only really go hard below the knees maybe 2 times a week. Sometimes 1. Was curious to know. Be honest with yourself.

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  1. Every shower. I use those poofy exfoliating balls all over my body. I may not hit my shins with it as hard as i scrub my pits. But I still wash everywhere.

    Aren’t your feet gross? Mine need washed for sure.

  2. for the love of god please start washing and scrubbing your whole body when you shower. why wouldn’t you? that shit will stink like any other body part you don’t actually wash

  3. Every shower. Why not wash literally every inch of your body while taking a shower? You’re already wet and covered in soap, you might as well make sure that I’m completely dirty free. Just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean other people can’t.

  4. My shower routine is the same every single shower. Unless i’m really under the gun with time, I’m doing the same routine on my body. Hair excluded (i don’t wash my hair every time) it never occurred to me to skip body parts because they may or may not get as dirty.

  5. Every time. I always pay special attention to feet (especially between the toes), armpits, and junk/ass.

    Those are the spots that can get stinky or itchy if you ignore them too long, so they’re always the most important.

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