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How often do you get your hair cut?

How often do you get your hair cut?

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  1. one time every 3 years: like them long and when they are too long I cut them quite short, so I can donate at least a 60cm wig to people with cancer (if ther’s someone like me that loves to have long hair but doesn’t mind have them short for 6 month please consider the donation: it can help more than we think)

  2. Every 3 weeks in a normal year. 3mm on the sides looks like crap if it’s not taken care of regularly.

    With lockdown I don’t do anything. I look like a fucking country singer.

  3. As infrequently as possible. I have autism and haircuts are incredibly uncomfortable for sensory reasons. I usually get it cut once or twice a year. Basically when combing it gets more uncomfortable than a haircut, I get it cut.

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