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How often do you drink or get high, weed.

How often and how man drinks do you have in a week, or other vices?

Do you have a drink by yourself?

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  1. I rarely drink and haven’t tried marijuana but I’m not completely opposed to it. It’s just not legal in the state I live in.

    I’m addicted to video games however. I suppose they’re my vice.

  2. Had my first drink at 28, tried a few things the following year, to see what I liked. Ended up not liking the buzz itself, so at most I have one drink every three months or so now. Only one this year I think. It wasn’t for me.

    Never tried weed. Might try if it was legal, to see what effect it would have on my anxiety, but it’s not on my bucket list.

  3. I never have been a drinker or smoker or anything.

    However from 19-22 I was enjoying the college days. Alcohol every 2-3 days only with friends, never alone.

    I tried weed when I was 21 and i didn’t expect it to work like Adderall did for me when I was prescribed Adderall in high school. Weed leveled me out and made me super relaxed and focused. 21-24 yrs old I smoked weed with friends maybe once a month. Never really got way in to it.

    Between 22-30 yrs old I have been a weekend drinker with friends. with adult life becoming increasingly busy and friend time slowed down, I am currently drinking maybe once every 2-3 months. And weed is a rarity. Maybe once ever 4-6 months.

    I never drink or smoke alone- only socially as I am typically pretty happy with myself and being sober.

    I feel healthy and don’t hold anything against anyone who smokes or drinks more. I just hope everyone keeps themselves happy and healthy, and understands that any and every substance you put in to your body has some form of negative impact.

    Take care of your one body guys, and if you think it’s a problem for you, get some help!

  4. used to drink too much, drink away the lonelyness. now i’m 9 months clean. (without aa) and to be honest, i don’t even miss it for a second.
    never done drugs.
    been high from weed 1x because 10 people were smoking in the room. i didn’t touch the joints, but 2nd handed smoke did it.
    also 1x had some kind of drugs in my drink, when going out
    don’t understand why people use it. i only felt sick and bad.

  5. A couple beers on Thursdays nights, sometimes on the weekend but rarely.

    Weed I used to smoke multiple times a day. Since my ex broke up with me a few months ago, I’ve hardly smoked. The few times I have it just sinks me into a deep depression for a coupes days where she’s all I think about. I smoked regularly before I was with her, so it’s not an association. But it does put me in a headspace that isn’t good for me to get over the situation. I’ll still eat a daily gummy though as they don’t give me a head high.

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