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How often do condoms break for you?

Which brands do you find more prone to failure?

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  1. There’s a reason LifeStyle condoms are the ones you always find in those baskets of free condoms. They are somehow so thick you can’t feel anything and yet so brittle they’ll break under the slightest stress.

  2. I have never had a condom break.

    But then again I

    1. Have a tiny tiny tiny penis and

    2. Always ensure that the woman I am with has reached a point of proper lubrication before jamming it in there.

  3. 6 times, 2 of those times i nutted in the lady.I didn’t know the condom broke honestly I just saw the sensation suddenly increase and I pounded harder ,only after nutting did I notice.
    Those 2 times were the only times I nutted in a woman.
    I was shit scared for weeks on end.
    And too add all of the women were prostitutes.

  4. 3 times, I think. Which is admittedly a really small percentage. All of them were ultra thins of one brand or another so i stopped buying that type.

  5. I had alot of them break, But the fact that my gf at the time and I were idiots and used oil lube with latex condoms and we didnt know oil destroy latex is kinda the cause of it. Before that i maybe broke 2

  6. Almost every time I used one it broke, but I also like super small, thin condoms— to the point where it’s a borderline cock ring. I like to say that I raw dogged my way through college and came out STD and child free.

    On a serious note, I did get tested religiously. I figured if I was gonna be irresponsible enough to fuck any girl I thought to be pretty, I’d be responsible enough to get tested once every few weeks.

  7. Trojan thin ones broke on me pretty often, I’d say every 10 times or so. With everything else I’ve tried it’s pretty rare but did happen every once in a while. Condoms just don’t seem to hold up very well if you’re being rough with them.

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