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How much do you tell your parents?

I’m a guy in my 20s and I’ve always been pretty open and honest with my parents, I’m just wondering where most people draw the line.

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  1. My family is extremely religious and conservative. They wouldn’t understand. We have a healthy relationship but there is not much to tell them besides the basics.

  2. Pretty much nothing. All they want to talk about is either sports(dad), the girl my mom met at the grocery store who would be perfect for me, and where are my grand babies?

    That’s all they care to know. No point in talking to them to just remind them I’m a disappointment.

  3. I am pretty close to both of them and make sure to put aside time to visit them even if it’s just the weekend or checkup on them as much as I can. Though if I do have a busy schedule, I let them know. As for personal things, like problems or needing advice, it depends on the situation. Like there are specific things that I would ask only my mom’s opinion on ( like when it comes to women) and likewise with my dad. I draw the line when it comes to my sex life. That’s just a hard pass from me.

  4. I used to tell them almost everything but my parents continuously distanced themselves over the course of my 20s. I’ve never found out why. I’ve tried to keep them close but the more I tried, the more they seemed to distance themselves. It’s strange because we’ve always had a good relationship before that. We’re still on good terms but things have become very superficial. My mom still cares and asks questions but I feel like she also needs A LOT of time for herself. Maybe it’s her getting older… I don’t know. My dad was amazing during my childhood and early puberty. He was always there and a super active father (especially for his generation). However, when I was around the age of 15, he began to drift away and do his own thing. I think everyone else in the family felt very difficult about that. He started going to clubs and dancing and we thought it was some sort of midlife crisis but then it just never stopped. He kept drifting further and further away and although he pretends to care, I feel like these days he only cares about himself. If anyone asks him for a small favor, he acts like it’s a huge burden, even if he hasn’t helped that person in like 2 years.

    So, due to this sad change, I now keep things very much surface-level. I miss telling my parents things about my life but the truth is, they don’t really care anymore (even about serious things such as health problems). I guess they think once you’re in your 30s, you need to figure it all out by yourself.

  5. With my dad, literally anything and everything. Sex, drugs, relationships, fights, emotions, etcetera. I like to think we have a really good relationship as I’m able to tell him anything that’s on my mind and not receive judgement. In many ways he’s my best friend and mentor at the same time. I aspire to be half of the man that he is when I get to be his age.

    My mom on the other hand, not much. She’s a hardheaded woman who worked her way up from nothing as a Korean immigrant to a successful engineer for NASA when she was younger. She’s pretty traditional and anytime I’ll ask her about something that strays from the bounds of societal norms of what to talk about with a parent, she shuts me down. Not anyone’s fault really. But I’m just a little more conservative with what I share with her so I don’t offend or upset her.

  6. My parents don’t even know im engaged
    Let alone when or where the wedding is

    Or that I enlisted in the navy
    Or that im now in the reserves
    Or where I work in for my day job
    Or where I go to college or my degree

    Or that im currently living in a country the farthest point from the western world

    I’ve tried. Invited them out to dinner before I was leaving. Brought my fiance. Instead they invited all my siblings to a free dinner and talked about how wonderful and great my siblings were while I am the only one wirh a stable relationship and career.

    Ended up paying early and taking my lady and we got ice cream.

  7. Beside maybe stuff with work and general stuff with life don’t really tell them much. My parents, specifically my Mom has betrayed my Trust multiple times in regards to that type of stuff. My Dad has never really been a deep person or made an effort to try to get past surface level stuff.

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