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How much do you spend monthly on dog food? All in pet expenses monthly?

Just a quick survey

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  1. Just got our first dog last July. Not really sure how much monthly on food because my wife buys a huge bag and I don’t know how much. I will say we’ve had some crazy expenses since then.

    Swallowed a sock: $350ish

    Fractured a bone in his foot: $2,500ish

    Ate a box of crayons: $400ish

    Then add various pills from worms in his poop. Other expenses. We also put him in doggy daycare once a week for $25/day. He’s chewed up a lot of stuff in my house that I’ll have to repair/replace but waiting for him to get out of this stage. I probably should’ve thought of dog insurance when we first got him. He seems to be out of the stage of trying to kill himself tho.

    TLDR: way more expensive than I thought. But damn it he’s pretty damn cool.

  2. My dog is 35 lbs. Eats like 2 cups or less a day. A big bag of her food is like $35 and lasts more than a month.

    The vet bills are where they get you. Yearly shots and buying the meds that they take once a month for worms and what not.

  3. We got three cats, we spend about $176 a month on them. However that’s not counting vet bills. We have had a talk to the cats. If they get sick there is probably not much we can do even if we take them to the vet.

  4. I have 6 pets (Don’t ever have 6 pets). It only kinda works because my partner of 5 years is a veterinarian. 2 dogs, 4 cats. To my credit I contributed 1 cat to this menagerie when we moved in together.

    Food – we buy in bulk and thankfully get a discount through the animal hospital. ~$230 and that’s about an 8ish week supply.

    Meds – This is the stinger. 1 dog needs hypothyroid meds and joint supplements. 1 cat needs joint supplements, hyperthyroid meds, and anxiety meds. 1 other cats needs anxiety meds. 1 other cat needs joint supplements. Ends up being another ~$250 every 6-10 weeks.

    Misc – Toys/treats/replacing the pillow the dogs decided to destroy/etc. Hard to say. It’s not crazy but a factor to keep in mind.

    Did I mention already that you shouldn’t ever have 6 pets?

  5. 3 ~30kg Rottweiler/Labrador mixes and it’s about $50 a month for food and random treats/toys. Then probably a further $100 a year on routine jabs/checkups from the vet.
    We have a vet that’s very close to us who is very affordable so we’ve never really needed to go the route of pet insurance for the past 9 years.

  6. We make dog food twice a week for two black labs… cost is about $70 a month. Treats and toys, another $40 or so a month. Vet bills can range anywhere from $200 each for yearly stuff to +$7,000 to diagnose and treat an severe asthma episode in one of our dogs

  7. Two dogs, four cats… I spend roughly $80-90 per month on dog and cat food (I buy Purina One) and treats. That doesn’t count vet visits or anything. We spend an inordinate amount on cat litter because we have self-scooping boxes that require special trays. Except for that one old cat that won’t use them, so she has to have special paper litter so her little soft toes don’t get gritty… She’s about fifteen years old.

  8. Chocolate Lab here, about 50 lbs 10 years old

    80 bucks a bag every 8-10 weeks for food, which is just we buy what the breeder recommended from Pet Smart, nothing fancy but not looking for cheap.

    Vet bills can be horrific or no big deal depending on how ‘modern’ / old school you are. We had a vet tell us our dog would benefit from surgery on both knees for 6 K when she was 1-2. He was probably right but we didn’t opt for that and she’s been happy and active for 8 years sooo I would categorize that as unnecessary. She does limp from time to time if she twists and turns while running back and forth a lot, so I’m sure he had a point too.

    Most vet bills have been 100 – 300 dollars around heart worm meds, bladder infections, or ear infections ( She loved to run, swim, and drink too much on summer vacations

    So 1 or 2 times over the 10 years we had a few months where we might have spent 600 dollars on a recurring problem (one was an unusual bacteria in the ear that didn’t respond to the first treatment for example)

    But most years its just the food and whatever we spend on tennis balls etc

  9. $31 for a 28lb bag. Go through about a bag and a half a month for a beagle and a boxer. Vet once/year for shots around $120 total. Then vet visits for any other BS, but no more than one ’emergency’ per year between the two of them.

  10. I have two dogs. One is 12lbs (7 years old) and the other is around 30lbs (11 months old).

    Usually a 15lb bag of good-quality food and a case of wet food costs around $65 and lasts them a month or so. Then they’re on Simparica for flea/tick/heart worm. Yearly vax don’t cost much after puppyhood.

    A few hundred bucks on each of their spay/neuters. The Shiba puppy is pretty destructive so I’ve had to replace some pillows and blankets and stuff. And I did have to get a fence to keep my sanity and that was $1800.

    Edit: I forgot I have a cat, and he eats food too. He costs like $10 a month but has had health issues and cost over $6000 in the 9 years I’ve had him.

  11. Probably about $50/mo for my 2 dogs (60 pound hound, 45 pound pit-terrier).

    Poop bags… are like $6 for 100? And I use anywhere from 2-5 per day.

    Don’t really give them many “edibles” be it rawhides or treats or whatever.

    It’s the vaccinations and unexpected vet bills that really get you.

    Adopted the terrier in December ’19… And after Corona happened I thought she had cancer so that was like $1300 (came back benign though!).

    My hound needed some teeth removed and I think that was like $800…

    Also flea/tick/heart worm is fairly pricy.

  12. A 30lb bag of kibble costs $50 and lasts a little over 3mo. Plus, I go through 12 cans of wet food every month at $2.00/can. You can also add in $20/mo on treats. Other than food, I also pay a monthly premium for pet health insurance that covers most expenses related to illness or injury. The premium changes as your dog gets older. My policy started at about $45/mo when he was a puppy, and is now at $110/mo (my pup is about to be 8y/o). You should also factor in preventative veterinary care. You’ll want to take your dog for a checkup, shots, and recommended lab work once a year, and consider monthly heartworm prophylactics. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for a local dog license, which isn’t a lot of money, but you’ll need to provide proof of rabies vaccination. Many municipalities charge more money to license an in-tact animal than a neutered or spayed one. You’ll need to provide proof of sterilization when you apply for a license. There are more expenses that come with dog ownership, but I’ve covered the majority. It’s a good idea to keep a rainy-day fund for unforeseen pet expenses. $500 in a jar under your sink will do just fine.

  13. We have a very small dog (only about 7.5 pounds) so we only need to buy dog food every 3-4 months, I think it’s about $50 for the larger size bag we get.
    We mix her kibble with Cesar soft food, which runs about $25 per month.
    We get her groomed about once a month, it used to run us about $80 (we spoil her) but recently we signed up for a plan at PetSmart that saves us a ton of money on grooming.
    We pay about $60 per month for pet insurance- we got the dog as a puppy so there are no pre-existing conditions there. Really saved us when she broke her arm and had to have surgery at a specialist – the part we had to pay out of pocket was nearly 100% eligible for a rebate, insurance outright covered the majority of the expenses. I strongly recommend you get pet insurance if you don’t already have it for your pet or if you’re thinking about getting a pet!

  14. SWAG – maybe $100 for our 30lb beagle mix and 70lb lab mix. $45 gets us a bag of food that lasts the month. $20 for glucosamine tablets. $20 for their yogurt, seriously it’s the only thing that seems to help Murphy’s gas. If he doesn’t get it his farts smell like burning tires. That leaves the rest for toys. Vet bills are free for us.

  15. The last 3 months I’ve spent $1k+ total on my 12-year old shepherd-pit mix, mainly due to vet bills. She’s been getting smacked up by ear infections (had to have a $200 ear scan) and she had to have “minor” surgery unrelated to her ears ($900). Plus, medication.

    Normally, maybe $20/month on average for food. We give her a mix of dry and wet food. A 16.5lbs. of PurinaOne dry food costs about $23 but it lasts her more than a month. Wet food cans cost $1.60 and one can can stretch for 3 meals.

  16. We have a Newfoundland, a 40 lb mutt, and a very crotchety old cat. Total pet food is about $100/month (and ~70% of that is for the Newfie alone), and other pet expenses are $275/month.

  17. I have a 45 pound mix, I buy a bag of food every 6-8 weeks? Heart worm pills every 6 months. Poop bags. ~$40/month if you average that all down to every 30 days. I don’t have pet insurance, and I’ve never had an issue that required a vet beyond just the annual checkup.

  18. We have a 9 months old Lagotto Romagnolo girl, she eats everything… And I mean everything (except dogshit, thank god) . We have worked really hard to get her to stop putting everything in her mouth when we’re out walking, she loves cigarettes.. Its like shes addicted to nicotine. But to answer your question, we spend around 700 sek every 2 months, which is like $90 on her food, plus more treats.

  19. For an 85 lb Lab and 65 lb Basset Hound:

    Food: ~$80 a month

    Joint supplement for the Basset: ~$40

    Annual check up, shots, monthly Heartguard, and quarterly Bravecto: ~$1000

    One offs:
    Basset Hound: had some weird laceration and inflammation in the back of his throat that looked too much like cancer for comfort and golf ball sized lymph nodes. After a normal vet visit, a biopsy, another vet visit, a ridiculously expensive veterinary oncology specialist visit, 3 rounds of antibiotics, and 2 rounds of antifungal, we finally concluded he poked himself with a stick and it got infected. ~$2000

    Again, the Basset: limping caused by luxating patella. Spent around $400 for x-rays and anti-inflammatories. Got a quote for $6500 to repair. We put him on joint supplements first, just to see if that helped before committing to surgery. So far, he’s doing awesome. No pain, no limping at all. So… crisis diverted, at least for now.

    I love my Basset and his personality is worth every penny, but that cobbled together body of his isn’t the most resilient. My Lab, on the other hand, she’s built like a tank.

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