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How many pictures do you have with your female friend(s)?

So, I was causally talking to a mate about how girls will post a happy birthday post on Instagram for their friends and it’ll be a literal power point presentation of about 10 pictures wi h some paragraph caption.

But when guys say happy birthday we might only have about 1 picture and it’s from when we were kids or something.

How many pictures do you boys have with your female friends, or even guy friends?

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  1. in my friend group where I live currently, there are 2 guys (1 of them being me) and 5 girls. so literally yesterday was one of the girls’ birthdays; not all of us could make it so three of the girls including birthday girl and I went out downtown to the aquarium and then for ice cream afterward.

    I was so busy looking at and appreciating the fish and other animals that it didn’t even occur to me to Snapchat; but the other 3 girls were busy taking selfies and putting up all sorts of SC stories. I didn’t make it in a single story or selfie XD

    So yeah, I’m not in pictures with my girl friends. Even when I’m out with other guys, having that thought of “let’s take a selfie” just doesn’t happen. LOL I don’t think we men are wired like that, to just pose and take pictures.

    Shit, I don’t think I have even many pictures of myself.

  2. I rarely have pictures with me and my friends individually. Usually they’re in group photos because I generally live in the moment and rarely take out my phone to take a picture. I even rarely take photos of myself because I hate how I look in photos no matter what I do to look nice.

  3. The girl that I had the most pictures with just me and her isn’t really a friend anymore due to her getting in to some shady shit and falling out with out friend group. But I had quite a few with her mainly because I had a little digital camera in my dorm room and whenever friends would come in and hang out they’d play with it and take stupid pictures.

    Otherwise most pictures I have are in groups and the group photos are mostly dudes. I have a decent number of pictures with one group because the women of the group are good about making everyone get together for pictures.

    My other group of friends I have like 0 pictures with. Maybe one or two from the occasional camping trip.

  4. A lot actually. I have more pictures with my female friends than I do with the guys even though I hang out with the guys much more. I don’t know why, I guess girls just like to take pictures a lot more

  5. Virtually none, I hate being in pictures. Other people have some unknown quantity that they shanghai’d me in to taking but I have no idea how many there are or where they end up.

  6. I have more photos with my female friends, but that’s because they tend to take more pictures than my male friends anyway. But that mostly describes photos from college/early 20’s. The number of photos I have in general has dropped drastically throughout my 20’s.

  7. Many. Mostly because I have a pair of incredibly close female friends who love Instagram. So tagged in lots of those.

    They also like to have some framed and printed out. So I will occasionally receive a sweet present. (Or a gag gift because they are secret assholes)

  8. Not to be a downer but I didn’t realize I had any pictures with my best friend until after he died. Take pictures with the people you spend time with even if it feels funny in the moment.

  9. I’ve made a photo wall in my room and most of the photos are me with either romantic partners or female friends. I only realized recently that I have very few pictures with my male friends, but upon reflection, none of them take many pictures, so it’s not too surprising.

  10. My camera roll was filled with selfies of myself with my wife. As you scroll through, you see less and less of me and my wife and more and more of myself and one female friend in particular. You could have forecasted the affair. And apparently many did.

  11. Almost none, because we all don’t shoot photos. I like to think I have a pretty diverse friend group with men, women, girls, boys, singles, my family, married couples. But my dating profiles look like some creepy loner, because we all try to keep our mobiles in our pockets and be present instead of taking photos.

  12. Out of the top 5 friends I spend time with, 2 are women, and there’s a 50:50 split: I have lots of photos with one, and few with the other. Out of the 3 men, 1 I have a lot of photos *of* since we tend to do a lot of outdoor activities like rock climbing and canoeing, 1 I have a decent number of photos of as he’s joined us on occasion, and the last one you wouldn’t know existed if we were basing it on photographic records.

  13. I don’t take pics or hang out with female friends really, and have changed phones twice since the last time I was single. My fiancé is the custodian of all our pictures and the one who writes the happy birthday posts on Facebook. My phone has memes, homemade porn, and pics of cars

  14. I don’t even have a photo of a human face…
    Or a face at all…
    I only take landscapes, or tiny things I did… And it’s pretty sad actually, I have no photos of people I like and I sometimes forget what they look like in details

  15. I’m a girl but I’ve always wondered about this too.

    I’ve had two really close friends since we were kids. The last picture I took with one of them was 3 years ago and the other was 9 years ago. We just never seem to think about it.

  16. Personally I have no pictures with any friends. The only picture I have of anyone on my phone is a picture my girlfriend sent of her and I at a wedding. That is my idle screen background.

    I only have pictures of my dog, my cat, and my baking stuff for the business.

  17. There are probably dozens online in hidden archives. On my personal phone and pads, fewer than 5. It feels a little sad really, but then again I don’t take a whole lot of pictures with people. I might do it more the coming months because I’ve lost a bunch of weight

  18. Pretty much all the picture I have of myself are with my female friends. My closest friend group is split about 40/60 guy/girl, and I don’t think I have a single picture of myself or just the guys from the last year. I probably have fifty tagged pictures on Instagram from the last year with the girls or the whole group because they love taking group pictures.

    Makes finding good pictures for dating apps real difficult.

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