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How many people would you say you have truly fallen in love with in your lifetime so far?

How many people would you say you have truly fallen in love with in your lifetime so far?

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  1. I am 59 years old and the number is 3.5 The half was a woman who was equally emotionally attracted to me but she was afraid of love and commitment so she did the proverbial “run screaming for the hills” kinda thing. This actually turned out to be a good then because the next one, my wife, is the best thing in my life.

  2. It’s hard to say because after 18 years married to an incredible woman my concept of love has evolved. I know I truly felt I loved a handful of women before I met her, but that was all so different from what I feel now.

    It’s like I drove 4 or 5 budget economy cars and then found one I really liked so I kept driving it. The longer I drove it the nicer the car got, and now it’s a Ferrari.

  3. Truth be told, I don’t really know what love is. I don’t think I’ve really experienced it. It’s such an all-encompassing, subjective, loaded, and frivolous term. I couldn’t show it or define it to you unprompted.

    I don’t think it really matters. Whatever it is, I’ve never felt it. The endearment of my own family is slowly waning as I age and deteriorate. But that might be my poor mental health speaking. Do with that as you will

  4. Only 1. We split up at university and are now together after 21yrs (well kind of as we are separated by too many miles). It’s so hard with the distance but she is my everything. I missed her for all that time but was too scared to reach out to her but then I did this year and should have done it 21yrs ago. I wish she was my wife as she is already my best friend and soulmate.

  5. I would say 2.

    One denied my advances quite nicely. “If I would think a relationship between us with common sence, I’d be all over you. But I don’t have the feeling.”

    Other just walked out of my life.

  6. Just one. Too bad she didn’t love me back. She claimed to truly love me as a friend and person, but pretty recently abruptly and harshly ended the friendship so I’m not sure about that even. Perhaps I was just a convenient self esteem boost for her that outlived my welcome. I certainly don’t end relationships with people I truly love out of the blue. Especially not when they need a friend more than ever.

  7. One. I’ve had a couple boyfriends in my teens and thought I loved them, which as people, I did love them. My last relationship was 9 years, my late teens and my 20s. I was building a life with him and I had a lot of care for him and at the time, i would say I loved him. But I can truly say I’ve only fallen in love once, at 25, about a year into my relationship. I’ve only felt that complete infatuation, that whole heart and soul connection, that ultimate acceptance, that understanding, passion, bond, safety, hunger, comfort, with one person.

  8. I have fallen in love with 2.
    The funny thing is that it has never been the the best relationships though. My best relationships are the once where I’ve learned to actually love and appreciate them

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