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How many hairs do you have around your nipple?

How many hairs do you have around your nipple?

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  1. As a boy, I grew up on a farm. I was 14 but in those times I was already considered a man at that age with a man’s responsibilities. Well that summer my dad woke me up early and said he had something to show me… So we saddled up the horses and rode up the narrow, steep paths to the highest point of our property. As the sun rose, my father sighed and looked out over all of the land he owned which was clearly visible through the light mist of the early morning. Sweating from the summer heat, he took off his shirt and dried his brow. Then he turned to me and said, ” Son. One day all of this will be yours.” I know now that he was talking about his nipple hair. At about 38 that shit came in just like his.

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