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How many drinks before you have trouble getting it up?

Just wondering

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  1. Depends on the drink.

    4-5 beers (our beer is 4.7%) if I haven’t eaten anything before I start getting quite unsteady.
    Trouble getting up would probably be more like 6-8 though. I don’t have a very high tolerance for alcohol though, which is a blessing and a curse.
    Getting drunk is cheap but keeping the party going can be a challenge when I am smashed at 12:30am

  2. Totally wasted, so wasted that i can black out and it would probably still work, just i wouldn’t have any memory of it.
    As a nice bonus it only gets hard but never finishes.

  3. It depends on all the other factors. Am i drinking on a friday after a hectic week at work? 0 beers is all i need not to want to get frisky.

    If i’m perfectly rested and de-stressed i’m sure i could make it work after 6. But i wouldn’t want to. Drunk sex is pointless and just a lot of work for me without much pleasure or enjoyment at all. I’d rather pass and fuck in the morning instead.

  4. I have trouble getting up without drinks.

    Im kidding

    Usually about 8 or so beers where inreally just decide that this is where ill be sitting for most of the night. Mostly out of comfort.

  5. hmm, no issue. i got blasted once and still went home with a girl to her place and railed her senseless for a good 2 hours. i did have a little difficulty cumming in the end (probably because we used a condom) but she gave me her mouth and helped out with that in the end and i unloaded “a truckload” (her words) in her mouth soon after. so i would say no issue as of yet.

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