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How long do you spend on the shitter? 🚽

How long do you spend on the shitter? 🚽

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  1. I go once a day and clean my asshole out like Jesus himself is about to enter it, so I take forever. Solid 30 minutes or more if the shit isn’t one big piece or if I get stuck in one of those marker wipe situations. If there is shit even three inches deep in my ass then my ass is still on the toilet. I also shower once a day, timed to always be right after my daily shit. Major ocd about pretty much this one aspect of my life, it’s weird

  2. Depends on the shit. It can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes if I’m not fucking around on my phone. It also depend on how long it takes for my legs fall asleep and toes start tingling.

  3. I am shocked by comments on this post bcz I take more time at home than outside. I don’t feel comfortable outside… is there anyone else here who feel the same? Or it is just me?

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