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How important was your first serious relationship?

How important was your first serious relationship?

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  1. Very considering I’m still in love with her and semi-depressive over how it ended and ending it is my biggest regret in life.

    lmao fucking end my life

    edit: story

    She was 20, I was 19. We met online, originally thought she was boy, chatted a bit, became friends, eventually found out she became a girl, we became friends and started skyping together and sending photos. One time I just randomly told her I loved her, she told me she loved me too. Our relationship went on for 3 years we were gonna get married and have children. It ended after my life fell apart due to many ongoing family issues and problems with my personal life and I got severe depression and pretty much cut myself off from the world. It was without a doubt the worst part of my life and my biggest regret in life.

  2. Well…I know how to deal with heartbreak now… I miss what we could have been and I got a glimpse of that every once in a while when we were together…but it wasn’t ever going to happen completely.

  3. In the long run today? It’s only important in the sense that I had those experiences as a teenager rather than as a young adult.

    Back in the day? Pretty impactful but not nearly as impactful as the subsequent relationships.

  4. It was a waste of 2 years of my life and 25 years thereafter of confusion as the other person is still unstable emotionally 25 years and multiple divorces later and still seeks me out. I guess it was only important in the sense it repeats itself as a reminder how toxic people really are and how absent mental wellness and care are.

  5. Taught me that long distance relationships are hard and if only one of you is putting in an effort than it isn’t going to last. The serious relationship I was in was in a job that was relocating from Virginia to Arizona. I put in my two weeks notice and moved across country with her. Took it as an opportunity to take a leap for someone I was crazy about and we used it as an excuse to move in together. 14 years later and we’ve been married for 11.

  6. Extremely important. She was older and taught me to slow down, take my time, to realize that there were two of us in that bed and it’s not all about me. She made everything better.

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