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How has your social life been since Covid?

I live with someone who is potentially high risk, so to avoid a massive panic attack/huge fight on their end I stay home everyday. Good thing is I work from home and have online courses so i’m usually busy, but still… haven’t gone anywhere (except to get essentials) or seen anyone since March. Starting to get a little stir crazy from just not seeing anyone or doing anything. So my social life is completely shot right now. Wondering if anyone else is hunkering down like me or i’m just going a little overboard..?

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  1. I’ve been a hunkered down mfer since late Feb/early March and I don’t see it easing up until after Christmas at least.

    My social life is non-existent, my friends are mostly taking this seriously, I haven’t hung out with them since May, and ironically my main two group chats have completely died. Before it was hundreds of messages a day, now I think there’s been maybe 200-400 messages since April between the two of them. I would say the only thing keeping me sane is Reddit. I joined a few months ago and I’m addicted, social media is my new social life.

  2. Nada. I’m calling friends over the phone more often but I’ve seen just 1 familiar face in-person since March. I mean, I am an introvert so it doesn’t impact my mood, but it still kinda sucks! For the last year or so, I’d really been making a giant effort to become social through meetup groups. Now all that progress is stalled.

  3. Honestly my social life is vibrant as ever. I basically decided that I’d rather die than live in fear and have not let COVID get in the way of my daily life much since May. I mean I wear a mask when I’m around people other than my family indoors, but have had a couple friends come over every week since I decided that I was sick of quarantine and went to a few outdoor grad parties the past couple weekends.

  4. Changed very drastically for the first few months of quarantine. I talked to multiple friends at school every single day since the start of undergrad, and right before the pandemic was spending a LOT of time hanging out and partying with friends outside of school. That obviously went down to absolutely no contact when we went into lockdown, save for like 1-2 socially distanced hangouts with people who lived near me. I spent a lot of time with my buddies gaming and on Discord, though, which was nice since life had kinda prevented me from being able to get on and talk to them for awhile beforehand. Also had a few big Zoom calls with a few friends groups to catch up and hang out.

    I’m starting to come back out of my rock now that measures here have been eased (Vancouver). But I still throw on a mask and stay the hell away from most people whenever I walk out of the condo.

  5. Mine was mainly an online social life and things didn’t change although somehow while in quarantine I have managed to get into a more intimate relationship with one of my friends and I never thought I had a chance with her like that and I was just being myself but I guess things work out in weird ways. I managed to visit some friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time before restrictions for quarantine got worse.
    The only downside is that I can’t see my SO in person until the borders open so I just sit here day in day out talking to her on video chat. Also planned on drinking with friends on a video chat this weekend just to get some face time with people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I didn’t think it was that crucial to my mental health but doing this has given me such a boost.

  6. pretty much the same as it was before the pandemic, which is sad. the only thing that’s changed is that i get more calls from my guitar instructor on a more regular basis and we easily spend hours talking about gear and other things related to music.

  7. I use video calling a lot more lol! I actually speak family more! We used to text and video call occasionally. Now we video call every Thursday and sometimes in between

  8. My social life has improved in some areas. I’ve been playing tennis after a decade of not playing so Im meeting a lot of new people through that. Ive been hanging out with a small handful of friends once a week as well and for my friends that live farther away I’ve been trying to call them more frequently since I feel like both sides probably need that kind of comfort right now.

    That being said I haven’t really seen a few of my friends since lockdown. We used to jam together a lot so it sucks not being able to play music, but i think thats why I started playing tennis again.

  9. My family, coworkers, and friends don’t quarantine so nothing really changed. Social isolation is more dangerous than the uncommon cold. No one around here trusts the news or the government so unless Covid hits the community it’s just business as usual.

    We’re in a densely packed tourist area with thousands of people coming in and out from all over the country and the world every week and since the pandemic started we had like 8 cases that died off and zero fatalities or grave injuries from Covid. From what I heard no one even went to the hospital they just slept it off.

    Maybe Covid can’t thrive in this climate.

    People do wear masks around the weak and the elderly as a precaution though.

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