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How has your girlfriend or wife improved your life?

How has your girlfriend or wife improved your life?

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  1. We’re going to be together four years very soon and she makes each day better than the one before. Having her arm and head on my chest as she sleeps, seeing her wake with a smile and a kiss, enjoying breakfast together, bringing me surprise lunches, finding love notes, raking leaves together, getting a kiss in the car each time she spots an out of state license plate, walking around a lake, coming home and finding her in lingerie, hearing her yell at football games on tv. I’m 69 and she’s 55. Yesterday was fantastic, and today was awesome! Tomorrow will be even better.

  2. With her support and encouragement, I graduated college. With her continued support and encouragement, she got me through my cancer treatments and I’m how in remission. So to sum it up, I successful and alive.

  3. She’s taught me a lot of things to make me a better person. The big ones are how communication can make or break a relationship and how much weight my promises carry. But there are quite a bit more.

    I know she’s on Reddit and knows my username. If you’re reading this babe, just know you changed me in more ways than you’ll ever know. I know I’d be half or a third of the man I am now without you. Love you always.

  4. Oh this is a long list.

    She got me out of my complacent rut. She makes me want to be a better man. I have a best friend I get to do life with. I thought that I was someone who women would never be into and now my best friend and the absolute girl of my dreams is seriously into me? Talk about a confidence boost.

    We have the same vision for our future and what we want our lives to look like. It’s a big task but I get excited knowing that she’s on my team and that I might just get to that dream because she’s helping me.

  5. I’m not so lonely anymore tho back when I was single, I never felt truly lonely because I enjoyed doing stuff on my own or with friends. I just feel really happy holding someone, making them happy and just overall having a good time with them through shared experiences.

    There’s also the “when are you going to get a girlfriend?” monkey off my back as relatives can no longer ask it. It will become “when are you getting married?” but that question is much easier to respond to because you can say with true honesty that you aren’t ready.

  6. I have way more soap, lotions and concoctions in my house than I knew even existed. Soap dedicated for elbows only, lotions that must only be used on Wednesday IF it is partly cloudy out and Kim is coming over for Rosé….you know, things like that.

  7. She’s improved my health by helping me to quit smoking cigarettes for good.

    Home cooked meals (she doesn’t let me cook much but damn can she cook!)

    She has always made sure I am rested, checks in on me, let’s me know what I feel or experience is real, valued, and valid. She’s just the most amazing human to enter my life.

    My life and lifestyle before was rather complacent… I have a new purpose with her, especially with a baby on the way now! My life has literally turned 180 degrees for the better thanks to her.

  8. By being brutally honest with me about flaws that are in my control. She’s helped me with my social skills by pointing out aspects of behavior that I used to display in groups. For example she told me that sometimes in groups of people I go on and on with a story that nobody cares about. I never realized I did this. Once I became more conscious of it I started to see my buddies visibly enjoy my company more.

  9. So far I didn’t have such experience yet. At least not for long term. All three relationships I had were great at the beginning. Just a thought there’s someone having your back and being able to offer the same can make your life way better and colorful. Even other people noticed my behavior change as I became obviously happy, cheerful and way less cynical.

    But everything nice has to end, I guess. My last relationship hit me the worst. It became so bad I was eventually glad for returning to solitude. Now I’m single. It’s not ideal, there are no highs but no lows too but it’s stable and reliable.

  10. She makes me want to be a better man. Anytime I’ve had an issue or problem that I couldn’t physically be there to solve or deal with, she stepped up and handled the hell out of it. She encourages me to be vulnerable and she nurtures me when I do. And you know, I just wanna be the best version of myself that I can be for her. I can’t give her the world so this is the least I can do!

  11. some parts she did , some she didnt

    when i was alone i didnt have to explain my actions to anyone or take anyone else into consideration when making decisions now i do 😉

    but at the same time its nice to have someone care for you

  12. She teaches me simple things that I haven’t known before. She understands my imperfections and goes along with them. I’m never screamed at when shit goes down. We talk a lot. We have fun together.

    She’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

  13. Well, I’ve got a house and am aiming to retire early. And that all happened in the ‘wife’ era.

    So yeah probably. She looks out for me. I look out for her.

    The compromise was leaving London to move in with her up north. Well, it was a compromise at the time but fuck living in London now.

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