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How frequently does your body have bothersome symptoms?

In my mid 30s it seems like all the time. These days it’s like a cut on my finger from a knife, then headaches from working too hard, then a sore shoulder from lifting too much, then it’s ED for no reason I can figure out, then it’s back pain, then it’s food poisoning, then it’s a season of anxiety from family related difficulties, then it’s a foot injury like PF, then it’s mysterious itchy hives making it hard to sleep, then ringing in the ears for no reason.

It seems like one when resolves another comes. Of course these overlap as well. Periods of symptom free are short. What’s your experience?

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  1. 36 and I’m starting to get bladder problems. Just when I feel like I’ve peed all I can pee, my bladder inexplicably feels full to bursting whenever I’ve been walking for a little while. I also frequently wake up in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urge to pee, despite not having drank anything for up to an hour before bed.

  2. I. Stay. Bloated. I have a pretty easy time doing most any tasks with little difficulty but the one thing I can’t seem to do is take a shit. A week will pass or even two and one day I’ll shit 6 times

  3. I’m 45. I stay in shape by lifting weights and bike riding, and walk almost daily. I’m chubby but not obese. I eat decent mostly and take a host of vitamins and supplements.

    The bane of my existence is calf tears. I really want to add running to my workouts but almost every fucking time I tear a calf muscle and can barely walk for weeks.

    Otherwise it’s just the occasional knee or back pain.

    OP are you taking care of you? Lose some weight. Exercise. Drink water. Eat better. Many of your issues will diminish if you take good care of your body.

  4. Was a polydrug abuser for about a decade. Almost died a handful of times.

    – Sometimes my brain ‘twitches’ like I just got an electric shock wrinkled through my cortex.

    – Sometimes when on the cusp of falling asleep, my brain flips over to a crinkly static sensation that can be felt behind my eyes and reverberates to the back of my skull like a wave.

    – I have something called HPPD, it can be mild some days, but others it’s really bad.

    – My circulation is really bad, sometimes I lose feeling in my limbs for minutes at a time, more so when it’s cold outside.

    – I lost a lot of fine motor control in my fingers, toes and even in my face. Like, my ability to retain non-essential muscle memory is shot.

    Basically, my CNS and Circulatory System is kinda jacked up. To boot, I’m a smoker so my lungs are kinda bad…and since I’ve been sober(outside of booze) I’ve put on about 40lbs of weight.

    The last time I went in for a checkup, my doctor said to me I was a prime candidate for a stroke.

    On the plus side, I almost never get sick and still recover pretty quickly if I get injured…so I got that going for me, which is nice.

    Gang Gang.

  5. I’ve got a lot of chronic pain and problems related to my physical disability (which I was born with). However, this has always been the case, already in my teens and 20s. Aside from my disability, I’m actually quite healthy/fine, despite the fact that I don’t exercise at all. It’s certainly true that I feel older than I used to 10 years ago (I’m in my early 30s) but it’s not anywhere as bad as what you are experiencing. The only two serious issues I’m dealing with that are unrelated to my disability are acid reflux (very annoying and painful) and the fact that I can’t take heat anymore. Sometimes I get headaches just from walking in the hot summer sun for 20 minutes. I cherish every cloudy/rainy day. That’s something relatively new.

    Overall, though, I think I’d be doing very well if it wasn’t for the health problems I was born with.

  6. Early 20s here. Aside from the consequences of stupid actions, my body bothers me very little. Like I’ll get sore calves if I forget to stretch before running, I’ve had some hangovers before I learned not to overdrink and underhydrate. I used to get back pain and get exhausted easily but after losing 30 pounds that resolved itself. I’m sure my body will start bothering me more as the years add up, but I’m hoping that if I keep eating right and exercising enough it won’t be too bad.

  7. Not often. Pushing 30 and I’ve always had chronic cluster headaches but they’re rare, usually happen every few weeks. Haven’t been seriously injured even though I’ve been a runner/climber my whole life.

  8. I solved the headaches, back and shoulder injuries by visiting a chiropractor, then getting into first yoga and meditation, then weight lifting. For ED, there’s Viagra. Can’t solve your clumsyness or your family. Get more sleep. Try a few sleeping pills until you find some that work for you.

  9. 33M. I feel pretty darn good most of the time. I think that, like most things, how our bodies feel and perform is a mix of nature and nurture. For instance, I’m pretty lucky genetically in that I have no health issues except for some allergies and occasional constipation/bloating if I eat junk. However, due to choices I’ve made (Like being a workaholic on a whole ‘nother level…) I often feel exhausted and grouchy, and due to a mountain biking accident years ago, I occasionally have pain in a knee that was operated on as well as some stiffness in my back.

    I think the key is identifying what’s causing your issues, and deciding which causes can be eliminated and which cannot. For example, I know that once I’m done with grad school and working night shifts, I’ll almost certainly feel much more rested and less grouchy. I also know that if I drink water, eat apples, and eat healthy-ish meals, my guts will be happy and I won’t have to deal with constipation. However, I can’t do anything about my knee other than keep my leg muscles strong; the mountain bike accident dislocated and fractured my kneecap and tore ligaments, and there’s no undoing that sort of damage.

    I’m no doctor, but ED in your 30s could be a sign of another condition, like heart trouble or depression/anxiety. Or maybe you just aren’t very fit? Try running, biking, or swimming to get that blood pumping!

    Life is all about working to control that which we can and learning to tolerate that which we can’t. Good luck.

  10. IMO, yeah you are getting older, and the set backs are longer. You just move on, I mean don’t put yourself at risk if you are injured, but if it just hurts move on. And get rest, really I think that is the biggest part of getting older, we don’t rest as much as it seems unproductive.

  11. Early 30s. Have some aches and stiff joints that I didn’t have at 19. Otherwise I feel pretty good most of the time. I exercise. I eat clean. I keep the booze to reasonable levels. I take it easier with weight lifting than I used to, after some tears and injuries. Do a lot of cycling and jogging. Barring genetic issues or freak injuries, If you take care of your body it will take care of you.

  12. Eczema on my hands and heat rashes on my feet on hot days. My hands and feet get sweaty easily which makes it worse, especially the eczema.
    I have pretty bad hay fever too so my eyes, nose and throat gets itchy too.

  13. I’m only 19 but my body’s already having issues from a long athletic career that will likely continue for 2 more decades. My right knee creaks and only goes away if I take CBD. Something in my left hip is messed up like a tendon getting caught on the joint and it can hurt from time to time. I’m also just starting to have mild back issues. Herniated disks run in my family so I’ll inevitably face these issues too.

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