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How does one deal with their own insecurities?

I’ve had a lazy eye for as long as I remember and it has caused me nothing but deep shame and the feeling that I am automatically inferior to people around me.

I don’t think I’m ugly but it’s just that everytime I look in the mirror I’m reminded by the huge flaw in me that’s there for everybody to see.

Added to the fact that we have to wear facemasks now my faulty eye really sticks out more than it ever has before.

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  1. Nobody is perfect. You dont have an abnormality its a characteristic trait. There is nothong wrong with that. I learned that by treating MYSELF better, lead to better SELF confidence. Better SELF esteem. This sounds silly, but give yourself a pep talk in the morning. Look at your self in the mirror and tell your self that your badass, or awesome, or whatever. Keep the practice and you will subconsciously believe it.

  2. On the spectrum of insecurities this is pretty low. Arm yourself with a toolbox of jokes about it and be positive. People will notice, and they will ask – but don’t think they are giving it a moments thought once the conversation is over; you aren’t that significant – nobody is.

    Just own it, joke about being a creep, or “I’ll keep my eye on you” etc.

  3. Well I’ve always had a speech impediment and got bullied for it in elementary school. I’ve never really stopped being ashamed of it but overall I just stopped giving a shit about everything, I can’t really advise you how to do it but over time, you simply start to do that naturally.

  4. Accept that some things are immutable and unchangeable. Focus on the things you can change, and you’ll be satisfied with yourself. (Most) people are overly analytical of themselves naturally and think they’re less attractive than they are anyway, since they’re looking at themselves a lot in the mirror or photos, etc.

  5. I used to have a pretty serious skins condition that affected pigment in my skin, so I would have fairly large parts of my face/neck/chest/arms that would be pretty drastically different in color to the rest of my skin, and this really fucked me up for a while. I got cured so it’s no longer an issue, but for a good couple of years it looked like it might never be curable, and I was lucky enough to find a coping mechanism in a fairly simple philosophy. Own it. Make it into a joke. Learn how to make this how you control a room. I don’t mean to seem insensitive but a lazy eye seems like something you could have fun with. “Look me in my eye. No, the other one”. Once you’re the one making the joke it’s no longer an unspoken thing at your expense.

    It seems callous but people’s biggest issue with this sort of stuff is that it makes them uncomfortable and they totally wanna talk about it but usually won’t. So own it, break that ice. Use humor. It may seem artificial at first but it helped me, and I think it will help you too.

  6. Individuals that haven’t bothered to check periodically on their own biases need more development of their character. No doubt, many are good people, but their opinions don’t matter. Those of your friends and loved ones do.

  7. Try wearing a live raccoon on your head, should distract from the eye.

    No but seriously, I don’t think anyone really cares about your eye, *now people who smell bad* they are being mentally obliterated by everyone in the room.

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