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How do you relax and de-stress? I’m very anxious and get overwhelmed very easily, and it’s affecting my health.

How do you relax and de-stress? I’m very anxious and get overwhelmed very easily, and it’s affecting my health.

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  1. To me it depends on what is giving me stress. If it’s something serious I recommend reaching out for some professional help and surround yourself in a positive community.

    For some quick fixes, I try to control my breathing and mentally count up to a hundred. This gives me something else to focus and helps me from having an anxiety attack.

    For more long term, I’ve been enjoying watching anime and playing some light hearted games like animal crossing. I also like to listen to happy sounding songs while drawing. It’s kind of like art therapy? You don’t have to be a great artist to try it. I also talk to myself on how I’m feeling, it’s kinda like taking to someone else but no one’s there to judge you. It’s suprsing how voicing your thoughts can help.

    Other ways is taking a warm shower and let your worries leave your body. You can try journaling and write how you’re feeling. Exercising really helps, maybe take small walks ik nature? I know people who stress bake. Just find positive ways to let your negative energy out.

  2. Video Games, A good bike ride

    Try doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of thought. Brainless activities are usually really relaxing for me.

  3. Long walks, ambient music/minimalism, lots of reading helped me a ton. I have a cheap second hand ipod so that when I feel overwhelmed I can leave my phone at home, get out, walk, listen, and if I feel like I’m not being productive stop in a park and read for a while.

  4. I got rid of the job that makes me anxious and stressed, now I work with a super awesome group of people that really push for a good culture. Used to have a real arsehole of a boss and a long drive and they would expect me to be on call 24/7. I get home and just chill, it’s so much easier now.

  5. I shit you not. this one time I took a nicotine pill. Now i’m not a smoker. Never smoked in my life. But I just tried it and for 2days I was ice cold, chill af all the tension was gone.

    That’ the easy way, on the other hand you can try meditation, for extended periods (30 mins at least and try to enter a deep state of med)

  6. Being in nature by yourself. Just a walk and really listen to everything. Focus on the wind blowing and the birds singing. It becomes a good loud noise that blocks everything out of your head and allows you to recoup your thinking without all the stress noises.

  7. I put ASMR on in my head phones when I can during work and my breaks, having a separate thing all to myself when surrounded by demands and work stress helps even if I’m not getting the full experience it’s still my own private thing I can control.

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