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How do you prevent or get relief from new boxers which scratch your privates (more specifically, the tip)?

OK, first time poster, apologies if posted here already. I’ve looked everywhere (Google searched it for 5 minutes), and can’t find any content related to this… Hoping I have the correct subred… **

I can’t wear tight fitting underwear. Not medically, just find it too confining. I’ve purchased a few cotton boxers which are of a slightly harder make up than my older pairs, and they look great and feel fine when putting it on, but towards the tail end of the day it feels like my tip is rubbed raw. Barring getting rid, is there any way to stop them scratching my peepee raw? Also, any home remedy relief mechanisms once it is raw would be highly appreciated.

FYI, I don’t suffer from any skin ailments or mishaps down there, so the root cause is the new underwear.

Also, dead serious about the question…

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  1. I think there is a wide margin between boxers and very tight fitting underwear. I am almost exclusively boxer briefs now and think they give the right amount of support. I would check out under armour specifically, theirs tend to be the most comfortable and forgiving.
    If you are already raw, I would recommend some chafing cream or Vaseline

  2. “I’ve purchased a few cotton boxers which are of a slightly harder make up than my older pairs”

    Your solution is right there. Go back to the brand you wore before.

  3. The answer here is so obvious it begs the question why you’re even asking.

    Don’t buy stiffer boxers. Buy softer ones.

    If you want recommendations on softer brands, tell us which brand you’re using that isn’t soft enough.

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