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How do you meet new people?

This might sound weird, but I don’t care. I’m 26, Asian American, and unemployed (just got laid off). I’m sad about how I spent and am spending my mid-20’s. I don’t need a job right away, but I feel absolutely crushed. I have no friends, since they all moved back home, or can’t go outside due to work, or lack thereof.

In my community, not a lot of people are going out, and it’s hard to meet anyone, especially now, with a potential COVID looming over everyone’s head.


I’m not horny, I just feel I have no friends to share excitement or wins from my day.
How do I make friends post-college?

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  1. This is actually more common especially mid 20s and up. Nothing to be ashamed of! See if there’s a online group for people in your city/area. Older people usually get together this way via Facebook but I’m sure there’s groups for younger crowds

  2. By talking to people. It’s really that simple. I’ve moved, I’ve traveled, and I’ve had to start over before. I just start conversations and if they’re interested in things continuing I ask for their number. Sometimes I just become a regular at some place and become friends with the people there. Hell currently I got a job doing marketing for a company because of that and I asked them if they’d be down to do a video so I could keep building my portfolio. They loved it and trusted me and now I have a job during covid.

    So it means putting yourself out there a lot. Some conversations aren’t going to lead anywhere. Some may be great but they’re so busy they don’t have the time for a new person. And some are looking for a connection and you can be it. Also don’t be afraid of the different levels of friendship. There’s some friends who I only do certain activities with because that’s what we have in common. Example: I have friends who I jam out with. I met one girl on hinge and we became movie buddies and go see movies with because we didn’t vibe romantically but we were chill. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually find people. Invite them out. Go do stuff. Make life interesting for yourself and invite others to join in.

  3. My buddies all just moved away too. We would workout together. Sucks they are gone. There needs to be more groups/clubs for our age. Feels like there is nothing. Find a gf just to have someone ig.

  4. Do you like video games?

    Find a competitive video game with ‘skill gap’ (like counterstrike: global offensive) and you can meet people all over who are around a lot.

  5. #1- get rid of all dating apps and don’t look back.
    #2-the obvious shit- talk to people. Comment them on their shoes, ask them what they want to do, crack a light joke

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