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How do you like your steak and why is it medium rare?

How do you like your steak and why is it medium rare?

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  1. I like mine so well done that I can taste the flames of hell in it. After confirming it’s fully cooked, I’ll douse those flames with a mixture of ketchup and store-brand steak sauce. I’ll then sprinkle my own seasoning blend of garlic powder, ground black pepper, cilantro, and hatred that I like to call “fuck you and the chef you rode in on.” If at a restaurant, I’ll kindly ask the waiter to feed me the steak baby-bird style, and after they decline I’ll leave a 1 star review, not tip, and drive away in my prius while holding my middle finger out the window.

  2. I like it medium rare, cooked with a sprinkle of garlic salt and pepper. One of my friends likes it well done with ketchup. I can’t imagine that, but to each his own.

  3. Because rare has a weird texture to me, medium well isn’t as juicy as it could be, and well done is for psychopaths.

    Medium rare is the perfect balance of flavor and tenderness, whilst remaining juicy.

    Medium is totally cool too, though.

  4. I like my sirloins and New York strips medium. Still juicy and bloody but without that raw meat texture that makes me gag.

    I like my ribeyes and prime rib medium rare though. I’m guessing because sirloins and strips are leaner cut without the fat that ribeyes and prime rib have.

    Oddly enough I can’t stand a rarer burger. I see any pink and I won’t touch it.

  5. I’ve found ordering ‘medium’ at a steakhouse/restaurant to be far easier than asking for ‘medium rare’ – too many times have I received steaks that are stone cold in the middle, asking for medium means they cook it for just that tiny bit longer and, although it isn’t as good as medium rare at a premium steakhouse, it’s good enough

  6. Downvote me to oblivion IDC. If I’m paying a half day’s wage for a slab of dead cow, I’m getting it cooked how I like it.

    And to the waiter who curls his lip, and asks whether I prefer my ketchup in a squirt bottle or in takeout packets when I order a tbone or ribeye cooked medium well (yes it’s happened), enjoy your 75 cent tip.

    I have a senior friend who orders hers barely rare, just wipe its behind and spank it on the way to the table. My hand to God, if I had some Bactine and a tourniquet, I could have saved that poor animal.

  7. Medium rare with garlic butter and served by the waitress who doesn’t realize the customers can hear her (beautiful) singing in the kitchen. Out the window the glorious Rocky Mountains loom into the clouds and little hummingbirds flit from feeder to feeder. You can see the river in the valley below, smell the steak, hear the laughter of the old couple in the corner discussing the past, and know that this, this is good.

  8. I prefer mine rare, seems to have more flavor. That’s the way dad always made them, that’s the way I grew up having them. I’m also a bit spoiled, we helped raise cattle and we always had awesome beef in the freezer

  9. Can you imagine asking this question with any other kind of meat?

    A)Hey bud, how do you like your chicken? B) Fuckin….all the way done…wtf?

    A) Oh okay makes sense

    A) Right on bro, how about your pork? B) Uhhh, also cooked completely? Fucking savages..

    A) Yeah totally makes sense.

    A)Here bro I brought you some medium rare salmon… ……………….. No just kidding I’m not a psychopath.

    A) But for real, how do you like your steak….b) all the way done. Well done.

    A) GTFO of my house!!!! Burn him!!!!!!!

    I will never understand people that like it not all the way cooked through. My steaks are always tender, and delicious and I’ve tried to be a cave person like y’all and the gummy texture and fuckin red juice pouring out of it gross me the fuck out. And ithe steak still kinda tastes like blood. It’s fucking disgusting.

    I’m happy for y’all tho. You do you. But I’ve never in my life understood the shame in wanting something cooked all the way.

  10. Was gonna say, I don’t trust restaurant steaks. Don’t care. Don’t trust em. So medium rare if I get one out. But if IM cooking it, that’s 1 minute and 20 seconds on each side on a hot ass grill.

  11. Medium well for two immediately apparent reasons. First, blood does not taste good, regardless of what is ‘manly.’ Second, I’d rather spend my time enjoying the taste of my steak instead of hoping that I can chew through it.

    Edit: myoglobin doesn’t taste good you nitpicky bastard. /s

  12. I prefer closer to medium, very pink but not bloody. I’ll eat medium rare, but prefer slightly more done. I just don’t love the texture of the less done part of the meat.

  13. I’ve experimented with a bunch of ways to cook steak: sous vide with pan sear, grilled, broiled, baked, pan cooked (flipping once), but the BEST method I’ve discovered as of late is so simple it’s almost silly. It also makes all the fancy methods seem silly now (to me).

    Ribeye steak, medium rare:

    1. Pan as hot as you can get it. (I like cast iron. Open the windows, turn on the fan, it’s gonna be smokin’.)

    2. Salt and pepper like there’s no tomorrow.

    3. I now cook with lard. High smoking point, cheap as all get out, full of saturated fat and extremely low in polyunsaturated fat. Put a giant blob of it in the pan.

    4. 1 minute per side, and then flip. Keep flipping every minute for 6 minutes, or 3 “rounds” per side.

    5. Rest on the plate for 5 minutes.

    6. Eat.

    I’ve been told for years that you only want to flip it once, and if you flip it more than once, you’re an idiot and you’ll ruin your steak.


    Flipping every minute is magic. You get an unbelievable crust without burning it, you get a gorgeous medium rare, and you don’t need to use a stupid thermometer.

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