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How do you know you’re in love?

How do you know you’re in love?

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  1. I just woke up from a dream where I had lost my wedding ring.. and I woke up panicked/sad. It’s still on my finger so I cuddled my wife and all was made right again.

  2. You’ll know it.

    Saying I’m in love with my wife isn’t enough for me. It doesn’t feel right. It feels shallow and like I should be swept away in a hot Hollywood-esque romance.

    My wife /is/ love. When I think of love, I think of her face. I think of her and her embrace and her softness and her voice. It’s being calm and safe.

    Nothing else has even come close.

  3. Based on some of your comments here, it seems like you don’t trust your feelings, so here’s a tip:

    Write down two lists side by side: one for what is good about her and one for what is bad about her. Don’t include anything to do with her looks or sex; only focus on her personality and character.

    If you have a long good list and a short bad list with nothing awful on it (e.g. abusive behaviours), it’s the real deal and you can trust your feelings.

    P.S. If you’ve only been dating for a short time (days or a few weeks), it’s not love, it’s infatuation.

  4. When thoughts of her creep into my head regularly. When I see something that reminds me of her or a shared inside joke between us. When I hear love songs and think of her which is followed by an urge of me wanting to take her out dancing. When I find myself wanting to give her the best of what I can, even at my own expense. That last one is dangerous though because there are people that will take advantage of you so don’t do that unless it’s reciprocated

  5. I don’t know if its a feeling or something, I just kinda ‘knew’. I know that’s a bit vague but I’ll share my story.

    Was working a remote construction job in northern Alberta. Small site, not much safety presence and very cowboy mentality to get er done.

    I was tasked with some particularly sketchy shit as I was an apprentice and it was expected I’ll just keep my mouth shut and do it. No Journeyman would touch it.

    As I was doing the math in my head and thinking about all the shit that could go wrong and how many ways I could get killed doing this, my thoughts immediately went to my girlfriend (at the time). Not my parents, not my friends or my little brother. My first thought was her.

    I dropped my tools, used my right to refuse unsafe work, got into a screaming match with my foreman and subsequently walked off site.

    After the 16 hour bus ride home I made love with that woman like it was my last night on death row.

  6. Lots of kinds of love.

    The feeling of being in love, limerence, is fleeting. It is also shallow. It feels good, certainly, and can bind people for a time.

    Loving someone is deeper, choosing them over yourself, and doing great things because you choose them. This type of love is a decision that you make, along with discipline to carry out your choice even when difficult.

  7. When you’re willing to sacrifice your own happiness, comfort, or plans so they can be happy, comfortable, or achieve what they want.

    And you expect nothing in return.

  8. When no matter what happens, you find them. If you’ve been away for a long time, you always come back to them somehow.

    I have 2 friends that I love dearly. We have taken breaks from talking but somehow, by an odd coincidence of sorts, we meet in random circumstances. A shared college class, a shared workplace, seeing each other at a store neither of us frequent. We just *know*.

  9. I’m of the opinion that love isn’t really a ‘feeling’ so much as it’s a choice. Anyone can love anyone if they choose to, it’s finding the qualities, attitude and compatibility in another person that suits what you want and need that makes all the difference.

    This becomes more apparent in marriage as time goes on and the warm and fuzzy feelings start to fade away. Maintaining your commitments to that person becomes an exercise in discipline, integrity and duty…for the benefit of your partner, your children and yourself.

  10. When you realize all the times you thought you were don’t even hold a candle to what you have now.

    Love is not just passion. It is ok existing without the passion (though it is necessary in varying amounts for a healthy relationship).

    When the fiery passion leaves and the love is still there it’s love.

  11. Love is like a fire. Anybody can light a fire, but it takes work to keep it burning. You have to keep it going when it rains, snows, and the wind blows. But if you keep it going it will keep you warm and safe through the cold, wet, and dark. You know your in love when your ready to work it.

  12. As I tell my wife at times when my feelings are overwhelming and my heart feels so intense, I tell her that words fail me and are not adequate to tell her how much I love her.

  13. If they are on your mind all the time. When the mere thought of being with them makes you tingle. When your heart beats out of your chest when you meet them. When you feel more alive than you ever have before. Then, and only then, will you truly be in love.

    Perhaps it only happens when you are very young.. I’ve yet to find out that part yet.

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