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How do you hold a long conversation?

I am not talking about the first time you met someone, I got what to say at that point. Not even after the 3rd time you two (not necessarily a girl) meet. I want to know how to keep a conversation with someone I spoke with daily.
I find myself questionless (is this even a word?). I have no more topics to talk about.

Edit: I forgot to mention. I feel like it is my fault the fact that the conversation is dying.

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  1. Interest. Either you have something of mutual interest to discuss or you don’t. If I don’t then I gracefully end the conversation and move on.

    I can do small talk for a very limited amount of time. After that I start getting annoyed and feel like my time is being wasted.

    Why would you want to spend a long period of time talking to someone about basically nothing?

  2. Does the person care what you think/feel and do you care what that person thinks and feels?

    If you don’t care what somebody thinks than it’s hard to have a long conversation. If you do care, and if they interest you and you interest them there’s an endless amount of topics to talk about. You’ll share some random thought, they’ll reply with a thought about that thought, that will remind you of a story that you want to share, they’ll share a story, you’ll ask them to explain further, they’ll crack a joke, etc etc. You’ll end up in an entirely differently topic than where you started. But that all hinges on feeling that someone actually wants to hear what you have to say and wanting to hear what that other person has to say

  3. You’re over thinking. Conversations aren’t about topics, they’re a flow. You say one thing.. they say something else.. you react.. ask something back… Relate to another part of life.. have sudden thought of something you see… Question why.. then by the time you know it, you’ve forgotten how you started.

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