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How do you guys feel about making out for long periods of time?

This is the second relationship I’ve been in where my girlfriend asks me why I won’t kiss her… while I’m kissing her.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy kissing her, we have ohhh almost daily and it’s usually initiated by kissing on one of our ends. To me, making out leads to ohhh, I’m fine with that. My gf on the other hand wants to make out for up to an hour at a time, all the time, without it leading to anything.

I kiss her for a few seconds, whether it’s a few pecks or a quick French kiss, numerous times a day but “it’s not the same”. It needs to last (too long in my opinion) for it to count. I have other things to do.

Has anyone else experienced something similar or am I the weirdo for not wanting to make out for an hour every day?

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  1. Guy…maybe I’m the exception, but I personally love making out for long periods…I dated a girl in my twenties once and she would want to make out and dry hump, etc for like 2+ hours. My SO and I were probably closer to 45min to an hour…before we did more I definitely went home sexually frustrated but still loved it. Kinda miss the long makeout days now.

  2. An hour….like in one sitting?

    I kiss my wife multiple times a day, but it’s not long and involved make out sessions. Even when we first got together and were banging all the time we weren’t kissing that much, and we are very into foreplay.

  3. She likes kissing.

    It seems you don’t (except for a short period of time).

    Does she really want to make out for an hour? That’s excessive for most people.

    Perhaps make a compromise.

    10-15 minutes seems reasonable.

  4. She just loves kissing. I am the exact same way. I have always loved kissing and always will. Cant go for an hour and usually it gets me wanting to have sex, but I just love being close with my partner in this way. Its nice sometimes when you can be intimate and really show youre into each other without needing to lead to sex. You kissing her passionately makes her feel like your relationship isnt in a routine (kiss, sex, done) and that you just want to be with her in the moment no matter what.

  5. Does she actually mean an hour or are you exaggerating? if you’re just kissing a few seconds and then moving on, then I can see her point. There’s certainly a middle ground between a few seconds and an hour.

    Longer kissing (10min+) frankly bores me if there’s not much else involved. I never understood those who seem to love making out for longer times, unless it was in high school where it was something completely new and hormones were crazy.

  6. Honestly to me kissing longer than 60 seconds is a sexual initiation. If someone wants to kiss that long and not have sex after it’s just a tease. Sometimes I’ll kiss my wife very intimately for about 30-45 seconds before I go to work just to keep things interesting.

  7. It’s fine if she likes kissing for a long as time, but she needs to cut the “you won’t kiss me” bullshit. I hope she isn’t going around telling her friends you never kiss her, because that’s the kind of thing that turns a girl’s BFF into a busybody asshole who constantly blindly accuses you of shit.

    I like making out with my partner but more than 10 minutes without it leading to sex, in the middle of the day when you have other things to do is asking for too much.

    You’re not a weirdo OP, she needs to get a hobby.

  8. > I kiss her for a few seconds, whether it’s a few pecks or a quick French kiss, numerous times a day but “it’s not the same”. It needs to last (too long in my opinion) for it to count. I have other things to do.

    She’s telling you that a few seconds isn’t enough; she needs more making out than that. So you gotta *kiss her*, I mean seriously kiss her. Numerous times a day, you take her in your arms and you kiss her for at least 30 seconds. You kiss her so long that when you release her she has to pause a second to remember her name. Yes, you have things to do, but 30 seconds isn’t that long.

    A half-dozen “forget your name” kisses a day should ensure that she’s happier with how much making out you’re doing.

  9. My Queen and I kiss for hours. Record was 3 (!!!) hours, that after we hadden’t seen eachother in weeks (she had to be abroad for selling the house in Italia)
    I love it and it doesn’t mean sex afterwards automaticly, that’s in a different session and can take hours aswell

  10. An hour at a time can be really fun.

    An hour at a time on a regular basis without it leading to anything sounds outrageous to me. I would be so worked up after that!

  11. Outside of my wife, I had this one girl who was such an amazing kisser (_she felt the same about me_) and we’d be at it for a quality amount of time, but never for hours.

  12. In high school I’d go home to my girlfriends house after school and make out in her bed for 2+ hours or more.

    Lots of groping and dry humping too however we never did anything past her giving me handjobs and me fingering her (no oral, no sex, I tried but she was never comfortable with it while dating and I respected her boundaries).

    I never really thought about if kissing for that long without sex is normal.

  13. I do remember doing this with my first girlfriend, and it was fun.
    We both did have a lot more free time back then than I do now … still … if I had someone who was into it, I’d probably make the time.
    All that said, it’s not quite clear to me why it wouldn’t lead to sex. After 45 minutes of canoodling you’d both be pretty ready to go, I’d think, so … why not? Barring some kind of femdom chastity dynamic or other kink I would think that extended making out would usually end in sex once your relationship was at that stage.

  14. I wish my ex wanted to kiss as much as I did. I like making out for long periods. I’d love to have sex almost daily and a gf that would like to just kiss for hours.

  15. My girlfriend and I make out all the time. We both enjoy cuddling on the couch and watching TV and it often leads to making out for a long period of time. I don’t mind at all. I would advise you to learn what your love language is, it sounds like your girlfriend and you have a different love language. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s just the dynamic of your relationship.

  16. I did this in highschool when girls wouldn’t let me have sex with them yet early in relationships only, and it was entirely trying to get them to have sex. It was the optimism of hopefully they’ll get so horny that we’ll do it.

    But as an adult Yeah nope an hour of making out is AT LEAST 57 minutes too many.

    Seems like a huge waste of time to kiss nonstop like that.

    I know people have preferences but time is precious and that shit doesn’t benefit me in any romantic/emotional way.

  17. There’s only so much you can do with kissing. An hour would be agonizing for me even with an amazing kisser. It’d be like watching a movie trailer on repeat. 2 -3 minutes max unless there is other stimulation involved, otherwise I need to let Netflix know I’m still watching.

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