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How do you guys deal with rejection ?

Recently , i discovered that a crush of mine is really into my friend . I decided to do my best at getting over her , because i respect my friend , and i don’t want to be a thorn in their relationship. I find it really hard to get over it , even though I’ve been facing rejection from all of my crushes thus far .how do you guys deal with it ? Do you get that feeling that perhaps none of your crushes will ever respond in kind ? Perhaps I’m just unlovable ? How should i deal with it ?

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  1. You just deal with it.

    You don’t have the right to be loved just because you love someone, your crush is their own unique person, with no obligation to you. The sooner you wrap your head around that, the better off you’ll be.

    Finding a partner is a numbers game. The sooner you put yourself out there and start talking to actual members of the opposite sex, the better off you are. Lots will display no interest, move on. If you crush on someone that just wants to be friends, do NOT waste time trying to woo them. Move on. Keep working it, learn what works and what doesn’t. And bear in mind what works for one human fails miserably for another. Be yourself, not some fake thing you think will be attractive.

    Be honest, do you have attributes you would find desirable if the roles were reversed? Hygiene, fitness, your ducks in a row in your life? Home is clean, car is shiny etc? You make money? You are an actual interesting person with hobbies that can carry on a conversation on various topics in a variety of social situations? No to any of the above? Then WORK ON THAT SHIT.

    Also, if you like somebody, work it some, but MAKE A MOVE. Be clear about what you want. You want a DATE. Rejection sucks. But you know what else sucks worse? Seeing somebody else take your crush on a date because you didn’t sack up and make a move.

  2. I just try to focus on time, and that given enough of it i’ll find someone who wants to be with me. But feeling like crap after getting rejected is totally normal too, and you should give yourself time to get over it. Different people require different amounts of time for that. I know the feeling of hopelessness that comes with repeated rejections and it’s not easy, but just like with everything else you’ll get used to it eventually. For me i’ve also noticed that i’m way more careful about getting really close with someone i like because it makes the potential rejection easier, but i don’t think that’s healthy necessarily but it helps. But if i’ve been seeing someone for a long time i allow myself to get closer to them because the fact they’ve hanged out with me so much proves that at least in some way they like my company

  3. Fuck dem bitches man, take her out you mindset and move on. Work hard on you psychology and make some good money too, and if she comes back after some time trying to play it cool wit you, you’ll surely know what to do.

    *stay strong king 💪🏻*

  4. Chemistry is a real thing. You will have it with some people, and not at all with others. Don’t take rejection personally. Think of it as you not being compatible with someone.

  5. Move on to something else. Someone else will come along that strikes your fancy and maybe she’ll return the attention.

    And hey, maybe your crush might turn out to be a psycho behind closed doors so you might have dodged a bad situation.

  6. Don’t get crushes, only get emotionally invested if you actually have something going on with them.

    The fantasies in your head never match up with reality. Generally, you should pull back and not seek contact if they’ve gotten with someone else or pursued them. Don’t give your attention away for free.

  7. When my crush rejected me then went with my male friend, I interrupted all contacts with them both, removed them from my friends list etc. and moved on with my life meeting new people.
    It was hard at first, but as time passes I regret nothing.

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