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How do you guys deal with a close friend having a bad accident?

Going through a rough time right now, as a close friend and coworker is in intensive care and is going to be an amputee. I’ve already lost a brother, similar situation… motorcycle accident vs. car accident… my problem now is that we’re close, look out for each as much as possible where I was too young to really comprehend my brother’s death. Any guidance would be appreciate. I didn’t think I would. Have such a hard time with this.

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  1. He’s probably going to be angry, frustrated, and depressed (with good reason). There’s a good chance he may take some of it out on you because he doesn’t know what else to do with it. Deal with it. Be there and don’t take it personally. Let him grieve, but do your best to help keep him from wallowing in self pity, and help keep him moving forward.

  2. First, I want to say I’m sorry for your friend and I hope he recovers quickly and completely.

    The situation isn’t about you, it’s about your friend. You be there for them. Visit regularly. Bring them anything they need while they’re in the hospital. Don’t be sad but be cheery. Tell jokes, reminisce about good times. Say upbeat and encouraging things.

    Basically do the things you’d want your friend to do for you if your positions were reversed.

  3. It depends on the person some people like to be around people and some like to be alone.
    But once I was sick at the time of covid he did not disturb me but call me every 2nd day the same time at 9 pm until I got well.
    Hope this helps.

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