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How do you get smarter? I dont want to know a bunch of facts i just want to be genuinely smarter

How do you get smarter? I dont want to know a bunch of facts i just want to be genuinely smarter

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  1. First thing you have to do is determine what you mean by ‘getting smarter’. Some people think that knowing a bunch of facts constitutes being smart. Other people think that knowing how to be skeptical (knowing how to construct arguments logically, look out for logical fallacies, and how to evaluate sources) is what constitutes ‘smart’.

    After that it’s a matter of figuring out what would help. Typically reading material and discussing the topic(s) help but if you consider being smarter constitutes something having to do with mechanical knowledge then you’ll have to get your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking).

  2. Reading and logic puzzles. Actually increasing your IQ isn’t a thing but loading your brain with info and practice solving problems makes you more efficient at using what you have.

  3. Puzzles, brain exercises, things that make you think about what you are doing.
    Knowing stuff =/= smart. Anyone can memorize stuff. Being truely smart is about how fast you learn and make new connections in your brain.

  4. Try logic puzzles. You can find story-based puzzles that push you to identify clues, what makes sense and what does not, then reach a conclusion. Because they are fictional, it’s all about flexing your brain to improve your ability to reason. Like anything, more practice makes you better. Improving your ability to reason and sort info from situations applies to life.

  5. IQ is more or less a genetic thing. But if you read a lot, go to school and challenge yourself in areas you hate then you will expand your ability to learn, making you more knowledgeable.

  6. Play the devil’s advocate. It means to take on the opposite position and argue for it just for fun. Being able to make up arguments for both sides of an issue, despite what they believe in, is what makes someone really smart, because they’re less likely to be biased when making decisions. It’s also the skill needed to being able to compile lists of pros and cons for decision making; if you’re only able to come up with pros or only with cons, then you’re not seeing the full picture.

    For example, if you’re pro vaccine, argue against taking the vaccine, and if you’re anti-vaccine, make arguments for taking the vaccine. Don’t be lazy about it neither, try to find the best most compelling arguments.

    Another skill to be smarter, this time street smarts, is learning cognitive empathy. This means trying to put yourself in other people’s shoes, especially those who you disagree with and make a genuine effort into why they’re acting the way they do positively. For example, try to understand why terrorists exist. Put yourself in the shoes of an Afghan farmer who sees these people invading your country (NATO soldiers), what would you do? Imagine a world where Afghans were the most powerful in the world invading America, wouldn’t you yourself be tempted to be a terrorist to rebel against the invaders?

    Finally, give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re smarter than they actually appear. If you assume people are dumb, then you become complacent and dumber yourself. When you assume everyone is smarter, it raises yourself up. All just a matter of perspective

  7. Smart is based on multiple different things. Knowing facts is considered being smart. Problem solving skills, common sense, the ability to form connections between topics/subjects, the list goes on as to what is “necessary” to be considered “smart”. So frankly you need to be way more specific as to what you want.

    Common sense? I found the best way to improve that is to spend time around others with a lot of common sense. It does in fact rub off if you pay attention.

    Problem solving skills? Comes from solving problems. Math problems, real world problems, you have to be solving problems to improve those skills. Pretty obvious but also something people seem to fail to grasp.

    I mean, I can go on. It really depends on just what your goal there is.

  8. There are different things people refer to as smart. Being smart is usually taken as a combination of having good problem solving ability, lateral thinking, concentration, recall and speed of cognition. You really don’t ‘get’ smart without knowing a bunch of facts because your recall of facts helps you grasp the problem you are trying to solve and add to your body of knowledge. Facts by themselves are trivia. To become knowledge they need to be understood and contextualized. You get smarter by applying learning processes to your own thinking and problem solving ability, and widening your base of knowledge.

    Digesting facts into knowledge to solve problems are your reps. You need to do lots of reps to get stronger.

  9. You cannot make yourself smarter. You can only educate yourself to your determined IQ limits.

    Think of IQ as a cup. We all get different size cups at birth.

    Now think of intelligence as water. If you’re actively filling up your cup with water, it’s certainly possible to be as intelligent as someone with a bigger cup who might be a little more lazy with filling.

    So fill up your cup by educating yourself via reading, videos, experiences etc and work to keep that knowledge relevant and practiced.

    It all boils down to how hard you want to work in the end.

  10. Smarter in what way? Knowledge is knowing facts. Intelligence is being able to link things together. Genius is being able to link them in ways most people never could. Without facts or understanding, intelligence and genius are tools that have more limited use.

    I’m not sure how significantly you can change your intelligence, but the acquisition of knowledge is completely in your hands. If you want to make the best of yourself, I’d start there. That seemed to be the first thing you rejected, though.

  11. Get good at things. I often call brisbane a bunch of stupid smart people. They don’t know anything passed what you can learn in books. Do things you wouldn’t usually do. A big thing comedians say when people ask them how to start, is live your life. Do things. Have experiences. I’m not into guns, but I’ll occasionally go to the range. I meet interesting people and learn things. New perspectives.

  12. What you have now is what you will have throughout your life. All you can do is hone it a little bit by following most of the suggestions here. It will not make you smarter, it will just make your body healthier and thus make it easier for you to use your brain.

    Don’t worry too much though. As long as you are not medically retarded you can still be almost anything you want. It doesn’t take all that much intelligence to for example become an engineer. What it takes is stellar discipline and that is literally it.

  13. Use mistakes you made in the past to know what you should look out for when taking on any task. Playing a range of video games also helps in learning how to solve problems and build your mental strength. I don’t mean play call of duty for 4 hours but play 1 hour of call of duty one day, a few games of fifa the next and some story game after that.

    At the end of the day as long as you listen to people and think rationally when solving problems then you should be fine. Stay away from people who call you stupid because you are a bit slow in thinking or need to start from a lower point to learn general knowlege.

  14. You mean make your brain fitter ? No problem. Sleep on a regular schedule all 7 days a week. Drink water. Be patient with yourself. Doing something new, (drawing, reading, writing a diary even) will forge new connections in your brain. Walking is also critical for brain health. Unalterable circumstances aside, it is generally true that a fit body is part of a fit mind, and vice versa.
    Pro Tip: Daily crosswords recycle clues, so find some, and use the next days answers to go back and fill in the ones you didn’t get. Shortly, you’ll have a bigger vocabulary (and be completing them the first time). ‘small steps can climb tall mountains’ is your secret mantra.

  15. Intelligence is really just an ability to solve problems and recognize patterns.

    Reading will help you understand more things, which will lead to more options for creating solutions to problems. However, if you really want to get more intelligence, you have to read, apply it, and practice problem solving/ creative thinking.

    Learn to play chess. Get some of [these]( We use these in the WISC and WAIS tests. There is actually a game out there too that comes with different designs.

    Study music. Study with music. Learn music theory. Practice some math.

    You keep at this for years and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much smarter you’ve become.

  16. Become aware. Do stuff while aware.

    I don’t mean “woke” but that’s part of it Imho. Pay attention to stuff you were taught to ignore. Do research to verify what you think you know. Learn to check your bias.

    Also, have dignity. Nothing looks and feels smarter than dignity. –But that’s not all there is to it.

  17. Sure, read more books. But then you need a way to retain that information. And in that sense, Anki is a tool that really helps. Just condense each book you read into 1-2 key sentences and throw it in there. You’ll never forget it, ever.

  18. Philosophy, psychology, statistics.

    If you can understand these 3 things, and put that knowledge into practice, you have a framework to understand just about anything.

  19. Take a random class in something. Read books you think are above your level. You’re not stupid! Just read and do your best to learn. I’m taking a Medical Transcriptionist course with no idea whether that’s something I want to do. I just want to learn it. Just learn! <3
    Edit: it’s really hard but I’m pushing through 😛

  20. Learning languages has helped me a lot being smarter and knowledgeable, when you pick a language you’ll find yourself curious about the culture and society and arts and political history , you’ll kind yourself ending up with a lot of skills besides the language, as you tried a new land ..

    also spend time with smart people with good critical thinking, watch movies from other countries will makes you curious to search a lot of world evolution and human psychology ..

    and sure read , reading can be boring sometimes so choose novels have high rating that will hook you in it to continue reading without feeling board

  21. I’ll say at 27 what helped me was reading a lot and puzzle/strategy games like civ or total war. They get your thought juices flowing pretty well.

    For reading find something that interests you. I like history so just finding some interesting topics on Wikipedia and just sitting their and read helped me a lot.

  22. Read. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Also writing exercises. Pull up any number of Jordan Peterson videos on You Tube particularly those about the importance of learning how to write well.

  23. Read, read some more, oh yeah…fucking READ.
    Reading is the very best way to get information into your brain. Listening to audio books is for entertainment.

    Reading anything is good. Reading fiction for vocabulary and entertainment and reading tech manuals, medical text books, reference books, physics journals for knowledge.

    Once you find your cadence you can learn a lot, quickly.

  24. Just because you’re asking this question indicates that you’re on the right track for getting smarter.
    I would pick a specific subject and know most of everything related to it.

  25. Awareness.

    Everytime you walk onto a room, site, or situation, deduct as much as you can on a first glance. Then, everytime you want to talk to someone, make a deduction/connection. Everytime you want to adjust, change, or undergo action, make three deductions/connections.

  26. Learn skills.

    Anything you can learn in a book or from a person, you should study it. Then apply to your life.

    Next, experience.

    This comes naturally through trial and error. To gain in experience you need only to continue, don’t quit.

    Finally philosophy. Philosophy effectively means “Science of everything.”

    You can again read the big names’ works. You can look them up on the web. Some of their books I’m sure are in the public domain. Use Reddit and other sites to bounce ideas off of others to construct your own philosophy.

    That’s all there is to intelligence.

    Skill, experience and philosophy.

    People, throughout life, garner amounts of these (if they can be measured in amounts) and it shapes them into an genius of their field(s), or an average person who is evaluated solely on their emotions, friends and income.

  27. I’m assuming you mean intelligence as in IQ not something like emotional intelligence.

    First, like most things it takes practice.

    An IQ test measures mostly logical and rational thinking. At a high level learn problem solving techniques, the scientific method, and objectivity. Apply these to solve every day problems.

    Think in terms of patterns and similarities. What topics, ideas, or theories from one field of study applies to another. Organize knowledge in a hierarchy and explore how different levels of different fields of study can be lumped together.

    Build out mental models of things you’re interested in. Try to hypothesize how something works like an engine or even a toaster and then go learn about it.

    Follow long and complex logical ideas, listen to intelligent people deliver them and then build them out yourself. Watch some of Jordan Peterson’s talks on religion. If you don’t care about the topic that’s fine, but it’s worth a listen to hear him build out a complex argument. It goes back forth between questions and hypotheses, questions and hypotheses, he gets deeper and deeper into a complex chain of ideas.

    And of course stay curious!

  28. Intelligence is kinda the sort of thing where you get what you get and you can’t really do much about it.

    What you can improve is your application of your intelligence. Practice critical thinking, look for ways to make routine things more efficient, always be willing to try and learn new things, do stuff until they become habit, and most of all find those things you are passionate about and make them your own.

    Source: I’m dumb as fuck and people think I’m a lot smarter than I actually am.

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