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How do you find the ability/motivation to invest in yourself/future?

How do you find the ability/motivation to invest in yourself/future?

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  1. Always struggled with this. Most recently I’ve realized I need a decently capable computer. I can pull out of savings or use my credit card to buy it but I keep getting hung up on things. I’m currently not working, I’ve got 2 laptops, I have to get a monitor (preferably 2) as well etc. I’m finding counter arguments for each but still struggling to get there.

  2. I work in healthcare and part of my job is working with geriatrics. I’ve learned to keep myself active. Now I’m not ripped or bulging muscles, but it goes back to that whole principle of use it or lose it. Keeping yourself active is half the battle as we age.

  3. The greatest motivation is experiencing the effects of lack of investment – the caveat of course is that often it’s too late once you realize.

    Motivation is therefore the wrong thing to seek, it’s wisdom and discipline. You KNOW you should, there is no question of whether it’s the right course, you need to develop discipline.
    Start small, it’s like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it becomes, the greater tasks you can maintain discipline on. Make a decision, and stick to it, start with an easier sacrifice and move on to larger sacrifices.

    Once you see the compounding effects of discipline, the motivation will become self perpetrating.

  4. Imagine an older person counting on you and hoping you’ll come through so they don’t have to eat out of a dumpster when they retire. All you have to do is put a little money away and be smart with your money and that old person will be able to enjoy their retirement instead of being a sad old man/woman in a shitty government funded retirement home. That old person is you. He/she is counting on you.

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