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How do you find motivation to pursue your hobbies?

How do you find motivation to pursue your hobbies?

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  1. I take a break every now and then. Right now, I am on a diet to lose weight. I ate 2 granola bars and an entire bag of potato chips today. I might gain weight tomorrow, but then I will go back to dieting tomorrow. I just want to lose 3.2kg more. Then I’m done.

  2. When it is just starting off, working with other people or taking lessons is a great way to climb the initial learning curves…especially if you have demotivating forces in your life.

    Getting into a skill for the first time is hard stuff and sometimes you need other people to help you not turn into one of the 99% that try something and drop it after an hour.

  3. A piece of advice I learned during therapy for depression:

    Motivation can be stagnant because you’re not doing anything. The second you start doing things can be a huge kickstarter for your motivation.

    Not doing anything makes us miserable, because we don’t feel a purpose. Not having a purpose makes us disconnect from society. Disconnecting from society makes us anxious and reserved. Reservation stops us from doing things.

    It’s a vicious cycle. The easiest way to break it is to force yourself to do something you know you enjoy. And if there’s nothing that would do it for you, try something new – something exciting. Allow your mind to be stimulated – motivation will return by itself.

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