How do you feel if you have to turn down ohhh?

Hey guys, here’s the scoop

So me and my girlfriend were hanging out one night and one thing led him to another and we had ohhh. later again that night before she left she tried to initiate ohhh and I just didn’t want to. So I told her I was just gonna go to bed. She pushed a little and complained and I felt really bad because I didn’t wanna disappoint her. I eventually told her and she was very ok about it and left without a single complaint.

But heres the thing
I feel super bad about it. Like, I disappointed her.

Do you guys every feel like that, and maybe why or why not?

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  1. If she was horny, could you have perhaps assisted her to get herself off. Like lying beside her and kissing her or caressing her somewhere she likes rather than getting naked and going in for a full fuck session.

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