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How do you deal with not living upto your own potential?

It’s college admission season in my country, and I feel I am sinking into the blackhole of my own expectations. I’ve been an academic overachiever all my life till the pandemic started and as a result, I may not get into the colleges that I have the potential for and dreamed about. Even though I have already secured admission with full scholarship in one of my backup colleges, it just doesn’t seem enough. I know it might seem like a small issue to most people and even to me, a few years in the future, but rn I am losing a lot of sleep over it (writing this 30 hours awake and not sleepy at all). I figured I’ll ask the wiser men of Reddit how they deal with failing in their own eyes.

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  1. Is this a conditional admission and now you’re worried? My advice is to try your best and don’t despair until it’s gone tits up, then you can panic or whatever.

    The usual tineline for things being unrecoverable is usually when you’re already nearly dead.

    A brother of mine didn’t go to the most prestigious university but came out with a PhD in chemistry at 27, I’m sat here at 31 learning to draw anime titties and with an A level could bullshit my way into a “Cambridge” university (one of the universities they run, it just looks good on paper) 🤭.

  2. This is one small step into the rest of your life. Stay humble and even more important stay grateful. You have an opportunity to better yourself, take it.

  3. Look, you have to live life and you don’t always get dealt your ideal hand.

    So basically, if you’re not living up to your own potential, you say “Whatever” and trudge on.

    The last thing you want to do is hold yourself back with mental anguish over something that you can’t change/don’t want to change.

  4. You will land in the place you are meant to be. It isn’t worth losing sleep over. Or is it? Are you willing to keep pushing yourself beyond your limits? Because the more you do it, the more you will have to keep doing it. The fact that you can’t sleep may mean you have reached your limit.

  5. I’m 33 and currently working on going back to college for something I would have been repulsed by when I was 18. I was so disappointed in myself for so long for not becoming a mechanical engineer like I wanted to be.

    At the same time, my coworkers bring me in to talk to college students because I took a different way to get into my industry than others. I am the foil to them being thousands of dollars in debt from college. I probably won’t take it any student loans for my education.

    So, basically, as frustrated and disappointed as you may be, everyone’s path is different. If you don’t get this opportunity, then there will be another. All you have to do is keep moving forward. Oh – and even if you DO get this opportunity, the advice still stands. Keep taking the next step.

    You got this, mate.

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