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How do you deal with binge eating?

I’m a reasonably healthy guy, but sometimes when I’m emotionally down in the dumps or a strong craving just hits, I go from my usual routine to a massive, sickeningly big, amount of food.

I can’t help myself. And it’s a problem. It’s awful for my system I’m sure, and it’s %%%%ing expensive.

I’m kind of embarrassed to ask anyone I know in real life because it seems like such a simple issue. But I’ve tried all kinds of things with no luck yet.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Do yourself a favor and just do not buy junk food at the grocery store. That helps tremendously. Also, fill your fridge with baby carrots and ranch or something. Not the absolute healthiest but sure beats other alternatives

  2. I’m what most people would call a health nut. I eat only nutritious foods, no sugar, no alcohol, tobacco and I exercise daily. I get these urges just like everybody (I guess) and I’ll give in if my mood is down or I’m just really stressed out about life.

    I usually go to my favorite fast food place and just indulge, I try to get the urge out of my system and once finished, besides a stomach ache, I feel a bit guilty but satisfied. I just look at this as a mental health thing, it’s better than doing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. I look at it as a pressure release valve, without this I think I might go crazy Or at least be very cranky.

  3. Whenever I get a craving for food when I know I’m not hungry, I drink a ton of water. Like a gallon. But in your instance, when you get emotionally down in the dumps, you eat, what needs to happen is that you need to replace eating with another habit. Not something that you can eat while doing. Ex: gaming, tv stuff like that. Exercising or even just going for a walk would be a good idea.

  4. Go to therapy. The main thing is to learn to control impulsivity and manage emotions in a healthier way.

    Drinking water, not buying junk food, exercise… help a lot! But addressing the emotional part is the core of the solution, I think.

  5. I mostly lost my binge-eating appetite when I started really cleaning up my diet and working out (to get in shape).
    Currently I’m eating low carb, highest quality available, preferably organic, I try to avoid highly processed foods. This also helps me a lot with my mood – who would have thought, eating healthier, mostly cutting processed foods and working out increased my mood… it’s witchcraft and wizardry…

    Since you mentioned the cost of that “habit”:how about you resist (through discipline and impulse-control) and put away the money it would have approximately cost you – saving that cash up and treating yourself with something else you desire, I don’t know what, could be anything.
    I know, the whole discipline thing is not for everyone but to me it’s very rewarding, knowing that I’ve resisted another day.

    Edit: Oh and also: I just read some other users “don’t buy junk food”. Yes… definitely don’t buy junkfood. I have all my food delivered and shop online so there’s little to no temptation since I don’t walk past isles filled with unhealthy temptations. Probably go shopping with a list and make no exceptions?

  6. The only thing that stops me from binge eating crap is not having it around. If I make sure that I meal prep when I’m feeling good so I have no excuses to not eat something good for me I can curb it by getting some food in me, otherwise if I don’t have anything prepped, and junk around, or even when I do have stuff prepped and junk around, I will just eat the junk.

    I also really have to fight the urge to stop for fastfood after a long stressful day at work. There’s no easy answers, but set yourself up for success by making the good food in good quantities ready and available for when you are feeling shitty.

  7. It sounds like what you’re experiencing is emotional eating. Or eating to help you cope with a certain mood/emotion. A good resource is working with a therapist, identifying what triggers the eating and then learning healthier coping skills.

  8. Water water water. If you fill yourself with water you won’t be hungry. Im talking FULL. Itll go through you and you’ll be good.

    Don’t buy food that you will binge at. My fridge is filled with veggies and meat. If I buy anything else it’s fucking gone as soon as I get down or boredom strikes.

    Last tip if you have to binge binge on things that will fill you. 200 calories of brown rice will fill you way more then 200 calories of potato chips. Eat watermelon, cucumber, celery, or carrots. All pretty much water so again it will go through you.

  9. Hey man! Deal with similar struggles. Honestly the best thing you can do is actively not buy anything that would make you feel bad about yourself after eating it. It may suck to hear this, but cut out the chocolate, sweets, chips, and so on. Start drinking more water through the day as well. Not flavored drinks, not coffee. Water. Of course, if this is a legitimate mental problem, seeking out a therapist would be a good idea. There’s only so much strangers on the internet can do for you.

  10. How do you binge? Is it stuff around the house or do you go out?

    If stuff around the house, then don’t have it there. Only keep healthy snacks.

    If you are hungry, try drinking more water or just water before eating. Helps fill you up.

    Another is talk to your friends. If you want to stop doing it, tell them this and to remind you or even just knock the food out of your hand if they see you binging.

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