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How do you deal with being an emotional man?

How do you deal with being an emotional man?

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  1. Men are just as emotional as women. It’s a human thing, not a gender thing. Feel your feelings.

    You don’t have to act on all of them, but any you try *not* to feel end up owning you.

    Feelings are not an ultimate truth, but trying to pretend you don’t have them will only make you miserable at best or crazy at worst.

  2. I think its about controlling emotions..
    I used to get emotional whenever someone disrespected
    I could cry for it
    But in time iv realized how invalid the respect from them is, and all i needed was my own respect.

    So when someone disrespects me
    It just doesn’t bother me anymore

    I took that emotion and i picked it apart.

    Why am i emotional about this guy disrespecting me
    (Lets say he told me im dumb)
    Maybe it’s because im unsure wether he is right or wrong
    And i dont want to be dumb
    Why am i not sure?
    Past experiences
    How can i be sure.
    Raise my self esteem.

    You see..i was thinking logically about the whole scenario.
    Even tho i was emotional
    And i took that emotion and put it where i, me, the logical me wants to put it.

    Maybe im wrong.
    But thats how i perceive controlling emotions.
    And life just keeps getting better.
    Less drama around me, less drama within me.

  3. As someone else mentioned, I find that having one truly trustworthy confidant that I can be completely open and honest with, talk with for hours, and even cry over the phone with….helps more than anything. (I’m male and she’s female, which doesn’t really matter but probably helps). As a man I’ve been conditioned to be the stoic one, but in my 35 years of life, anyone with whom I’ve been emotional, *especially* family, has appreciated me more for not hiding my feelings. Dad with cancer? Cried. Mom with life threatening pneumonia? Cried. Sisters with a miscarriage? Criiiiiied. It’s what makes me human. I choose to embrace it.

  4. Find someone who you can let it out with privately. As a man you need to be able to control your emotions especially in public, as women will usually look to you for comfort and security in a rough situation etc. Its ok to cry or what now but you need to overcome the emotions.

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